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SUGA is Valentino Newest Brand Ambassador

Jumat, 20 Jan 2023 19:00 WIB
SUGA is Valentino Newest Brand Ambassador
Foto: Valentino
Jakarta -

Not long after Dior announced Jimin as their global brand ambassador, Italian luxury fashion house Valentino followed suit by naming fellow BTS member, SUGA, as their latest brand ambassador. It seems that our prediction was right after all that each member of BTS will sign individual contracts as brand ambassadors.

On Valentino's Instagram post, the 29-year-old rapper's long hair is pushed back as he glammed up in a fuschia silk anorak paired with a white shirt and matching low-top white sneakers. Revealing the news, Valentino wrote that SUGA is chosen as Valentino DiVas for his authenticity, creativity and empathy. "SUGA is a multifaceted artist; he is an interpreter and uses his work to express himself with energy and authenticity." wrote Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino's creative director. Piccioli also sees how he has the capacity to express all the values of the brand, as well embodying the identity values of a generation he speaks for in his spontaneous and contemporary way. "He perfectly embodies everything that DiVa's testimonials stand for: diversity, inclusivity, creativity, and passion." per, WWD.


Born and raised in one of South Korea's largest urban areas, Daegu, SUGA stated that all individuals have different dreams and values. Valentino and Piccioli have been supportive of diversity which is something that he also believes in.

Few days before the news broke, SUGA dressed up to an NBA game in a sleek and relaxed black suit, sporting head-to-toe Maison Valentino Essentials collection, Valentino's menswear staples, as his first campaign with the brand.

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