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Valentino Has Dropped Alessandro Michele's Debut Collection

Rabu, 19 Jun 2024 18:30 WIB
Valentino Has Dropped Alessandro Michele's Debut Collection
Foto: Valentino
Jakarta -

To everyone's surprise, Valentino just dropped their debut collection under new creative director Alessandro Michele. The fashion house released images of Michele's first collection on Monday (17/06) with more than 150 looks in total modeled by a mix of genders. Since Michele left Gucci, everyone has been questioning whether the designer will bring his signature gender-fluid whimsical style to his next foray. Now that the collection has been unveiled, the answer to that question is yes.

It is safe to say that his debut collection with Valentino is weighed with his DNA all over it. With vintage-inspired pieces like turbans, cascading ruffles, embroidered capes and fur-cuff coats. His approach to maximalism is also well-exposed with strands of pearls, gloves, and layered belts. Echoing the '70s and '80s reference, the collection includes oversized earrings, floral brooches, embroidered clutches and many more that gives off Michele's aesthetic which shone during his tenure at Gucci.

Michele admitted that he pulled inspiration from the personal wardrobe of the house's founder, Mr. Garavani, by crafting a sophisticated yet playful vibe for the collection. The '70s reference is considered by the designer as hippie chic years of Garavani, who was exploring his feminine side during that period. Michele's debut collection with Valentino is adorned with many ruffles, details, and complex looks that Garavani designed before. The skirts, blouses, and sundresses blur the gender boundaries, just like what he used to craft at Gucci. A lot of embroidery and sequin embellishment can be seen across couture-esque gowns that may be perfect for celebrities to wear on their red carpet.

Just like what he did at Gucci, Michele works with Valentino's 'V' signature consistently throughout the collection by making it as adornment on various places and accessories—be it as a pattern, an adornment on belts, pressed in leather on bags, and more. It will be interesting to see how Michele takes his design language further at Valentino.