CXO Media is a digital media that narrates stories to empower the young generation.

About Us
Narrating Stories that Empower.
CXO Media is Transmedia’s newest digital media that was born on Youtube in August 2020. We focus on crafting authentic engaging content for the young generation through inspiring, insightful, and entertaining contents.

PUTRI TANJUNG | CEO of Creative Experience Office
“I always believe in the power of media to make a positive impact in the lives of its audience.”
CXO Media aims to harness the magic of storytelling to empower the lives of its audience, whether to inspire, entertain, or bring insight.
Empowering the young generation of Indonesia and Asia to be the future change-makers

Narrating engaging stories that are insightful, inspiring, and encourages young generations to find their purpose

Our other arms of businesses
Creative agency with strong ideation and execution that focuses on connecting brands and audiences through designing brand experiences that manifest brands’ core values to resonate with the young generation, from creative strategy, content marketing, content production, to content distribution.
The internal business consultant of CT Corpora that focuses on transformation across business units for customer experience.
Let’s create impact together