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Age-Gap Relationship: What We Can Learn from Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Split

Rabu, 13 Sep 2023 16:30 WIB
Age-Gap Relationship: What We Can Learn from Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Split
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The news about Joe Jonas and the Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner's divorce has been a hot subject lately around the internet. It has been reported that the lead singer of Jonas Brothers filed a divorce against his ex-wife a week ago during his tour with his brothers. His team made a statement that the couple seemed to be having different lifestyles-Sophie is all up for the parties and Joe is more likely to be a stay-at-home dad-that both have agreed to go separate ways.

Fans have been discussing the big age gap that may be contributing to the separation. Well, 7 years of age gap is surely significant. Tracing back the timeline of their relationship, Turner met the older guy in 2016 when she was only 20 years old. Their connection developed quickly and the news of their marriage in 2019 somehow brought shock to the fans. She was only 23 years old when she married Joe who was already at the age of 30 years old at that time.

Let's talk about the effect a big age gap between a couple might have on their relationship.

As it has been stated from the news, Joe who's at the age of 34 years old seems to be over hangouts and parties was reported to be the one who's more hands    on at taking care of the kids at home. Meanwhile, Sophie happens to be on the contrary   she's still at the age when hanging out with friends is a fun thing to do. It's the difference in adapted lifestyle that both are having at this phase of life that may contribute to their divorce.

It shouldn't be seen as a negative thing when a woman is hanging out with friends-considering Sophie Turner is only 27 years old. The same goes for Joe Jonas, he's past the phase that Sophie Turner is having. According to Sara J. Corse, PhD, a staff therapist with the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia, one of the challenges in an age-gap relationship is that you're hitting life stages at different times.

Indeed, our lives encompass various phases, each marked by specific life objectives that require mastery. We prioritize the achievement of these distinct tasks during these respective life stages. Therefore, when each partner in a relationship finds themselves in different life stages, reconciling their different life needs and aspirations can be challenging. Moreover, in general, older and younger partners do not often share the same cultural reference points, such as movies, music, and historical events. There could be unsettling power imbalances, where the elder partner takes on a more significant role in managing finances, parenting responsibilities, and everyday choices.

Some people also speculated that Turner has just been recently going through frontal lobe development at her age. The frontal lobe plays a crucial role in handling a variety of tasks, from simple movements to making tough decisions. These tasks are affected by feedback that depends on the situation and are managed by the frontal brain area. It helps us process information and make choices that align with our goals in a given situation. As the frontal lobe develops, it impacts things like impulse control, problem-solving, and the ability to balance short-term rewards with long-term goals.

Can you guess at what age the frontal lobe gets to develop? Yep, 25 years old. Now we all can agree that Sophie didn't develop her frontal lobe when she married Joe and just recently developed it when she gave birth to her first child.

Helen Burke-Smith    a psychotherapist   explains that the prefrontal cortex, the rational part of our brain, is one of the last regions of the brain to reach maturation. Before It gets fully developed, people are more likely to seek out emotional experiences as they are less able to rationalize or recognize danger in the same way adults do.

The incomplete development of the prefrontal cortex in individuals under 25 could greatly affect their ability to build relationships. Generally, your capacity to manage impulsive behavior, assess risks, and make decisions    functions in which the prefrontal cortex regulates the emotional aspects of the brain    is less developed in those under 25 compared to those over 25.

Age gap in a relationship doesn't always mean that it would never work out. However, it needs a lot of nurturing and understanding between each other. Remember that being older doesn't automatically make someone wiser or superior, and being younger doesn't mean they understand life less. Neither of you should suppress your opinions or neglect your own needs.

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