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What You Should Consider Before Getting Back with Your Ex

Selasa, 18 Apr 2023 17:00 WIB
What You Should Consider Before Getting Back with Your Ex
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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were caught making out at Coachella 2023. In a video that was first uploaded by Pop Base, the couple were caught on camera while watching the music festival and kissing in the middle of the crowd. Speculation arose that the couple who had broken up in 2021 finally got back together as they were seen quite laid back while showing some physical affection in the middle of the crowd. If so, then is it really worth it to get back to your ex partner? Getting back with your ex is not a bad thing if you still love each other and want to open a new page towards a better relationship. However, there are several things that need to be considered before you go back to your ex-partner.

Find the right reasons to get back with your ex
Before deciding to get back with your ex, make sure you find the convincing reasons. Make sure that you make the decision based on your feelings instead of making it out of loneliness. If the reason to get back together is mainly because of you being lazy to start anew with other people and afraid of not finding a better partner, it's better to reconsider your intention to get back with your ex.

Do not rush into things
When you really feel like getting back with your ex-partner, you definitely don't want to rush everything. The reason for your breakup must have been something that damaged your feelings and mental health, don't ever forget about that. Rushing things to jump into the relationship with your ex and expecting your partner to reenact the old loving habits before breakup can only repeat the same mistakes.

Remember that both of you are still the same person
Even if your ex-partner intends to work things out by making a promise to not repeat the mistakes they once did, it's important for you to remember that your ex-partner is still the same person. Therefore, you should never think nor expect them to be different even better during the reintroduction process.

Make sure that the decision is agreed by both parties
Getting back with your ex should not only be from one side, meaning there is no compulsion. If you really want to go back, you have to take the initiative and willingness of both parties. Getting back together with your ex means that you agree to build a relationship together, carry out the pros and cons of your journey later. If only one person tries while the other doesn't, it's only a matter of time that the relationship will crumble.

Avoid bringing up past problems
When you decide to get back together with your ex-partner, you are advised not to bring up problems that have occurred in your previous relationship. The reason is, everyone has the right to apologize and get the opportunity to make amends.

No one can guarantee that by getting back together with an ex can be a successful relationship. Nevertheless, there's no harm to reconsider and give the same person a second chance. However, it's possible that some problems in the past can reoccur and happen to make your path go rough again. If the same problem keeps happening, it should be a sign for you to resign from the relationship for good.

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