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Toxic Phrases That Could Ruin Your Relationship Without You Knowing

Kamis, 19 Oct 2023 16:30 WIB
Toxic Phrases That Could Ruin Your Relationship Without You Knowing
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When you are in a relationship, it is normal for you and your partner to occasionally get involved in arguments. Without realizing, you could say hurtful things that cannot be taken back to each other. During heated moments, both of you may not comprehend that what you've said to each other could threaten the relationship.

A psychologist from Harvard, As quoted by CNBC, a psychologist from Harvard stated that your relationship may not be fine if you or your partner ever uttered these words.

Toxic sayings that might threaten your relationship

During an argument with someone, you may be unaware of what you are saying. So it ends up hurting another person—in this case, your partner. There are some of them:

1. "You don't deserve me"

This sentence describes how your partner does not deserve you and seems like you're looking down on your partner. Phrases like this can harm someone's self-esteem and cause disappointment. Rather than saying that, it is much better to be honest about what makes you unable to see your partner as the right partner for you.

2. "Stop asking if I'm okay. Everything is fine." (When it isn't)

This is one passive-aggressive language that is often spoken to prevent solving current problems openly. This is what makes conflicts difficult to finish and makes you or your partner uncomfortable. Even if you want to postpone the discussion, just say you are not ready to talk and want to wait till the emotions subside.

3. "You're Pathetic"

Belittling a person is a negative trait that prevents us from appreciating other people's positive qualities. It's better to say what you don't like to your partner honestly. Explain why the current situation makes you uncomfortable thoughtfully instead.

4. "I hate you"

This phrase is an expression of your feelings when you are emotional, but it does not represent the nuances of your feelings—hence why it could destroy your relationship. The word generalizes momentary feelings too much and causes insecurity. If your partner ended up questioning your feelings and intentions to continue the relationship, it would be understandable.

5. "You're crazy"

This is manipulative language or distorted facts with the intention of making someone doubt themselves. The phrase exhibits gaslighting behavior and weakens perceptions about reality. For example, in a defensive moment, a few words like, "You're delirious. That problem is all in your head and just your feelings," can invalidate the other person's feelings.

6. "I'm done"

Sentences ending like this will create instability and insecurity. This can be said as a threat so that your partner or you will be afraid to be abandoned and unwilling to leave.

Sometimes, communication can be difficult, especially when dealing with emotions. In any relationship, the key is good and healthy communication with the other party. Giving each other space until both your emotions are sorted out can help you deal with issues in a more healthy way. In the end, you or your partner do not need to communicate in harsh languages to understand each other.