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Met Gala 2024: You Could Have Done Better!

Selasa, 07 May 2024 17:50 WIB
Met Gala 2024: You Could Have Done Better!
Foto: Getty Images
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Welcome to the first Monday of May. If you have a keen eye on fashion, the annual event we're about to dissect would be something that you have been waiting for the whole year. This year, the Met Gala-fashion's biggest night-ushered in the "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" exhibition and features the dresscode "The Garden of Time."

So-Called Fashion Review Met Gala 2024

Despite how majestic the theme sounds, there are still some attendees who walked down the red carpet in some questionable pieces that somehow dragged the mood down of the lookers. So, here are some names who could have done better at the Met Gala 2024.

Doja Cat

Met Gala 2024: You Could Have Done Better!Doja Cat/ Foto: Getty Images

When most women walk down the red carpet in a long trail, glittery gown, and grand headpiece, Doja Cat stepped on the red carpet of this year's Met Gala in plain drenched white dress-that didn't even look like a dress but a super oversized t-shirt-while holding her chest. With no glitter or sparkle at all, she put on running-down-the-cheek eye makeup to stress on her drenched look. We have nothing to say about her anymore. Was Anna Wintour okay at all when she looked at this treachery?

Kim Kardashian

Met Gala 2024: You Could Have Done Better!Kim Kardashian/ Foto: Getty Images

Dressed in a silver floral dress by Maison Margiela Artisanal, Kim Kardashian was called "Cozy Chic" by Rolling Stone on tonight's Met Gala red carpet. Just because she's wearing a cashmere cardigan in matching color, it doesn't mean that it serves coziness. I mean, look at her waist, does it even serve "cozy" with all your organs squeezed inside by that corset? The cardigan itself doesn't scream "red carpet" in the first place.

Kylie Jenner

Met Gala 2024: You Could Have Done Better!Kylie Jenner/ Foto: Getty Images

Kylie, honey, you're gorgeous, you're an amazing mother, you're a billionaire, you're one of the most followed accounts on Instagram but tonight's dress was just not it. Her nude-colored Oscar de la Renta gown is not ugly by any means, but it's just too plain for the occasion. If anyone remembers her iconic purple dress from the 2019 Met Gala, this year's look of Kylie feels like such a downgrade-not to mention that it didn't even align with the theme at all. I mean, come on Ms. Jenner! You could have done better!

Nicholas Galitzine

Met Gala 2024: You Could Have Done Better!Nicholas Galitzine/ Foto: Getty Images

Chop, chop. Boring. No offense to Fendi at all who put Mr. Galitzine in this effing plain black suit but this is the Met Gala that we're talking about. It's hard to distinguish him as an attendee from all the chaperones around if it was not for that small same-colored embroidery on the edges of his suit. With this outrageously boring black suit, even his face card declined.

Tessa Thompson

Met Gala 2024: You Could Have Done Better!Tessa Thompson/ Foto: Getty Images

Sighs. I'm at loss of words-I mean, what was she actually going for with that black floral dress? Not to mention that flower basket she was holding on for dear life, it's not even giving anything. No thoughts, just many questions lingering on my head while looking at her pictures. Who's the stylist? Whose choice was this? Was it even her choice? Did she even have a choice at all? Was she okay with this? I feel sorry for her. Try better next year, maybe?

Sarah Paulson

Met Gala 2024: You Could Have Done Better!Sarah Paulson/ Foto: Getty Images

When everyone took "The Garden of Time" too literally with overflowing flowers, Sarah Paulson wanted to be different, I suppose. She went for the pink Prada dress with no curves in the silhouette at all but a bunch of ribbons all over the place. Remind me again what is she giving with this look? Exactly, nothing. Don't get me wrong, Sarah, I love you, you're amazing but this year's Met was a tragedy.

Troye Sivan

Met Gala 2024: You Could Have Done Better!Troye Sivan/ Foto: Getty Images

It's either lame black suit or a dramatic suit with layers and a mix of different fabrics for most of the men. Even though Troye Sivan didn't go for both boring choices, he chose another lame fit for tonight's Met. What did that black vest do on top of his sky blue shirt? Again, nothing. Prada, we really need a serious discussion after this year's Met Gala, I guess.

Stray Kids

Met Gala 2024: You Could Have Done Better!Stray Kids/ Foto: Getty Images

All dressed in Tommy Hilfiger, this is the first time that a K-pop idol attended the Met Gala as a group instead of going individually. However, it was not as satisfying as it sounded as the eight members of Stray Kids didn't actually serve a Met Gala look at all. The red, white and blue mixture didn't match "The Garden of Time" theme at all. Show up better next year, maybe?