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2023 Fashion Trends Forecast According to Pinterest Picks

Sabtu, 24 Dec 2022 15:00 WIB
2023 Fashion Trends Forecast According to Pinterest Picks
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The year 2022 has served us with numerous trend choices that might have managed to do a massive makeover to our wardrobe-after our forecast for 2022 fashion trends came down the drain for not being apt to what actually made it to the mainstream. However, according to Business of Apps, Pinterest has been known to have more than 400 million monthly users across the globe for using the platform as a digital mood board to plan and find inspiration, especially for fashion trends.

It's also known that 80 percent of Pinterest predictions have come true for the past three years. So, without further ado, here's a list of what kind of fashion trends that might be waiting around the corner in 2023 for you.

Going to a rave?

As we're pacing on the situation where the pandemic has become less threatening, Gen Z and Millennials are ready to return to the clubs and rave the night away in 2023. According to the increased number of searches for 'Rave Fashion' on Pinterest by 250 percent, we can conclude that everyone is preparing for their best going-to-the-club outfit. Most of the results for rave fashion draw inspiration from the 90s, with an implicit all-black dress code and cutouts here and there, showing off some skin for a slight tease.

Think pink for barbiecore

Knowing that the anticipated Margot Robbie-starred Barbie movie will hit the theatres in July, barbiecore is going to get bigger and even better. The blonde doll with the seemingly-endless wardrobe collection will continue to inspire fashion trendsetters, especially with pink pieces from head to toe that resemble the famous Elle Woods. Barbiecore is expected to hit the roof in the summer of 2023 and take over everyone's wardrobe by the time.

Sci-fi cyber chic: down for a game?

When cyber chic takes over the trend, it'll feel like 3023 instead of 2023. The cyber chic trend is all about galactic glamour and futuristic embellishments with loose-fitting jeans, black and silver-colored pieces, and shiny chrome textures here and there. The keyword 'gamer girl look' has reached a 225 percent increase over the past year, showcasing wrap-around sunglasses, metallics and all-black outfits that channel a futuristic aesthetic.

Romanticizing rom-comcore

Every year, an old trend automatically becomes a new one. Pinterest predicts that slip dresses, tube tops, mini skirts, as well as cargo pants will continue to strive in 2023 by taking inspiration from the '00s romantic comedies movie. With bright hues and colored prints, along with accessories and rhinestones-detailed mini bags, rom-comcore is expected to be the hot trend in 2023.

With the help of Pinterest, these trends forecast is expected to actually bring in new fashion waves in 2023. Which one piques your interest the most?

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