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Trend To Watch: Gorpcore

Sabtu, 23 Apr 2022 12:00 WIB
Trend To Watch: Gorpcore
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Are you familiar yet with this fashion trend? First emerging in 2017, the phrase Gorpcore was coined by The Cut from the expression "good ol' raisins and peanuts"    a phrase that refers to the trail mix snack consisting of calorie-dense foods such as granola, nuts, or dried fruits that are often found in hikers' possession. Hence, gorpcore refers to a style or a fashion trend centered around hiking-inspired clothing. Think of parka, windbreaker, trail trousers, fanny packs, and hiking boots.

To simplify, gorpcore is a set of outdoor wear styles that are worn daily. Some said gorpcore might be the new normcore, especially during winter times. While normcore indeed shows simplicity, and well, normal, with its mom jeans, nondescript sweatshirts, and sneakers   gorpcore embraces more than just simplicity but also the functionality.

When talking about gorpcore, the image of warm and layered clothes may come to mind, making you think that the trend might be most suitable for autumn/winter wear. As winter has given way to spring, the idea has had surprising elasticity, in a way where full-zip fleeces have become fleece vests, and anoraks have changed to long-sleeved tees or short-sleeved sweatshirts.

Those who live on a tropical island like East Asian countries might find gorpcore fitting for a new everyday look. It's true that we don't have a winter or an autumn season. But the unpredictable weather may bring out the sudden rise in the wind, down to an unanticipated pour of heavy rain. Living in these situations, dressing in gorpcore will make you look stylish and fit into the weather at the same time.

Casual, practical, and still trendy, achieving a gorpcore look is always simple. You only need to mix together functional outerwear and practical garments with a touch of mountain chic. Layering is the essence of the Gorpcore trend, and it's anything but minimalist   coats are bulky so that they can be worn over layers, and trousers are wide and straight with large and convenient pockets.

The good news is; that it's not a hyper-elevated, high-fashion take on hiking clothes. Much of it are rather ugly-pretty, element-braving fleeces, ponchos, anorak, windbreakers from brands like Patagonia, the North Face, Columbia, Nike ACG., and Eiger. Surely, they're not a high end brand, but it is fashion, in the way that any aesthetic executed with intentionality that can become an ultimate look. Because gorpcore's main scheme is that the non fashion item can be fashionable if you wear it right.

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