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Must-Have Local Beauty Products

Jumat, 27 May 2022 14:06 WIB
Must-Have Local Beauty Products
Jakarta -

Talking about beauty products, we can't deny that local brands have managed to step up their game and become the local customers' go-to products when it comes to makeup and skincare. Numerous local brands have been launched in the past years and somehow got viral on social media platforms. These local cosmetic brands stole people's attention for various reasons, such as product innovation, quality, price, and packaging comparable with foreign brands. Without any further explanation, here are some local beauty products that are probably essential for you to have.

Luxcrime Blur & Cover Two Way Cake

.Luxcrime Blur & Cover Two Way Cake/ Foto: Luxcrime

It's safe to say that Luxcrime is one of the most popular local cosmetic brands since 2020. The superior Blur & Cover Two Way Cake from this brand was and continues to be viral for its claims that it can help make your skin tone even and give a smooth effect on the skin. In addition, the powder is known to be formulated with a soft-focus powder to cover imperfections and make your skin look smoother. This two-way cake powder from Luxcrime is available in 3 shades for light, medium, and tan skin.

Secondate Milky Gel Lip Tint

. Secondate Milky Gel Lip Tint/ Foto: Secondate

Since the brand was first launched in early March 2020 by the well-known beauty influencer Titan Tyra, Secondate has become one of the most-talked cosmetic brands through 2020 on social media. The Milky Gel Lip Tint is known to be the most popular product by Secondate. The Milky Gel Lip Tint is a lip gloss product that provides moisture, yet it comes with colors as intense as lipstick. It also claims to give enough moisture that won't crack your lips for its ingredients that contain moisturizers and vitamin E. the Milky Gel Lip Tint comes in five shades, namely Brunch, Picnic, Gallery, Naughty, and Netflixx.

Dear Me Beauty Airy Poreless Fluid Foundation

.Dear Me Beauty Airy Poreless Fluid Foundation/ Foto: Dear Me Beauty

Dear Me Beauty was first known for its Lip Cream during its first launch. However, the brand is expanding its product by launching a variety of cosmetics, including the Airy Poreless Fluid Foundation, which managed to become a big hit. The Airy Poreless Fluid Foundation is reportedly formulated with ingredients that can retain moisture while protecting against UV rays with SPF 18. Not to mention that this foundation also has a matte finish on the skin and can absorb excess oil. Because of the amazing formula, the product went viral and stole beauty enthusiasts' attention on social media.

Somethinc Copy Paste Breathable Mesh Cushion

.Somethinc Copy Paste Breathable Mesh Cushion/ Foto: Somethinc

Since its launch in 2019, the brand founded by Irene Ursula has already stolen beauty enthusiasts' attention on social media. The quality this brand offers is comparable with global brands-- meanwhile they offer very affordable price. One of the most known products by Somethinc is the Copy Paste Breathable Mesh Cushion which is still highly discussed by beauty enthusiasts for its formula. The cushion claims to be specifically formulated for Indonesia's air humidity with Breathable Technology, Non-Comedogenic Certified, and SPF 33 PA++. The cushion is unique as it is specially made with mesh instead for the foundation to be spread more evenly on the skin.

There you have it, some of the local beauty products you may want to spend money for!

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