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When Relationships Are No Longer Private

Jumat, 18 Mar 2022 18:00 WIB
When Relationships Are No Longer Private
Jakarta -

In today's digital era, it's easy to know how your friends are doing simply through one peek of their social media like on Instagram or Twitter. We do not necessarily need to knock on our chat room to ask about how their life goes or to find out who they are currently seeing, etc. Following this fact, there comes this tendency where society lies on people's social media accounts to know about their whereabouts, down to their romantic partner.

We can't argue that social media is like a display window; we tend to show the good parts and rule out the bad ones in our life, because why would we want to do that, right? I mean, even if we only show the good parts, we still can't escape from people's judgment anyway, right? There's always going to be something about us people like to gossip about-making speculations for fun and games based on what we post on social media.

This fact is especially hard for famous figures out there like actors, celeb-gram, singers, and more. Being famous always comes with consequences; everyone is interested to know everything about you, then before you know it, privacy strays further from your life. And usually, their love life is always buzzing and becomes the topic that never loses its noise.

Rumors like "I think they are not together anymore because I saw his boyfriend being cozy around another girl," suddenly appears, and then they would do a cross-check on their Instagram accounts and divert their attention on them for several days because they have the 'need' to keep in track of their relationship and whatnot.

But in some cases, famous people who roar about their relationship might do it for publicity purposes, too. Take a look at Kanye West and (now ex-wife) Kim Kardashian, who always exhibit their love life and families on social media when they were still a lovey-dovey couple. Even until now, when the marriage didn't work out at the end, and Kim got herself a new lover, Kanye still makes a fuss about their broken relationship.

Our social media is like a public archive, where people can easily speculate and connect the dots freely. For example, if we don't post much about our boyfriend or girlfriend, then we must have been involved in a conflict, or perhaps, broken up. When in reality, it doesn't necessarily signify such a thing. Those who choose to keep their personal love life private may simply not want to show off their relationship.

Perhaps, there's a wave of certainty in making your relationship public; the attention, the compliment, hence the validation of your ongoing relationship. A simple positive reply from your friends that shows support for your romantic partner is enough for you to feel secure to be in a relationship with them.

One thing to underline is that once you publish your relationship out in the open world, there's no way back! Posting about your date is almost similar to releasing a press release. So, it's up to us whether we want our relationship to be something for public consumption or whether we prefer being cozy in our heart bubbles. And you know what they say; it's us against the world.

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