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Kim Kardashian's Look-alike Kanye is Dating Started from a DM Slide

Rabu, 09 Mar 2022 16:00 WIB
Kim Kardashian's Look-alike Kanye is Dating Started from a DM Slide
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Kanye West's new relationship with a model named Chaney Jones is a hot topic circulating social media. , the people on social media didn't think that the rapper would soon get into a new romance.

Chaney Jones--who's still relatively unfamiliar to the public--is generally seen to share some resemblance with Kim Kardashian. The woman can declare she's a twin of Kim, and we may fall into it. Her physical appearance with thick hips, sexy body, full lips, and dark hair is just as similar to Kim Kardashian's. Aside from her twinning physical points with the Keeping Up with the Kardashian alum, everyone seems to be very curious about who Chaney Jones is. So, here are things you may want to know about Ye's latest muse.

Chaney Jones is a 24-year-old woman who has been known as an influencer and model on Instagram. Her career is a newcomer and might be considered unknown to the public. So far, she is indeed famous for her physical appearance, which is similar to the ex-wife of her current lover. The resemblance is recognizable that Chaney uses Kim Kardashian as her makeup and fashion inspiration. If you go to her Instagram page, Chaney Jones often wears sexy bikinis and Balenciaga leather clothes, which is the hallmark of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

Chaney JonesChaney Jones/ Foto: Instagram

Putting her physical appearance aside, Kanye West's new girlfriend also works as a Chief Operating Officer of First State Behavioral Health, a service based in Atlanta, Georgia. This fact seems to be in line with her educational background in primary and minor education in human development and family studies. Chaney recently graduated from the University of Delaware and is currently pursuing a master's degree in counseling at Wilmington University.

The closeness between Chaney Jones and Kanye West began with Instagram DM. The two had never met before Chaney sent a message to Kanye's account, which he replied that later escalated to their relationship. Since then, this woman has started accompanying the rapper to various places including; the recent Donda 2 concert in Los Angeles. Kanye also had time to upload a photo of the two on his Instagram account, but it was deleted shortly after.

So, what do you think of the blooming romance between these two? Is Kanye really in love with Chaney, or he just hasn't gotten over his ex-wife completely that he fell for someone who looks like her?

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