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What Is Emotional Detox and How To Do It

Kamis, 15 Sep 2022 19:00 WIB
What Is Emotional Detox and How To Do It
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Stressful thoughts are a threat to everyone. If this continues, it will undoubtedly make an individual's mental state not any better. Stressed thoughts and feelings are known to make people reactive in various situations. So if this is not handled properly, it can certainly affect daily activities. If you previously have or is currently experiencing this problem, then you need to understand: emotional detox.

As the name implies, emotional detox is a way that can be done to eliminate bad feelings to produce better or maintain good mental health and overall physical health. This is also one of the ways to manage various mental conditions and disorders. Starting from conditions of stress, fatigue, anxiety disorders, and childhood trauma. With emotional detox, you can reduce the conditions and effects of stress that occur in everyday life. But how do we know if we're in the state of needing emotional detox?

In general, when you're overly stressed and pressured by some thoughts that weigh you down, you will know that you're not in the right and best condition at the moment. However, according to Piperwai, there are some signs which indicate you to relieve by emotional detox:

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  • Sleeplessness and nightmares
  • Feeling tired after seven to eight hours of sleep
  • Feeling unmotivated
  • Dwelling on the past
  • Feeling more moody than normal
  • Little to no interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Feeling overwhelmed by having to make decisions
  • Unexplainable irritability that can lead to road rage or lashing out at loved ones
  • Reacting to small things in an unmeasured way such as crying if someone teases you
  • Wanting to withdraw from loved ones

So, how do we apply emotional detox?

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Accepting reality
In order to start an emotional detox, you must accept the reality of the feelings you are actually experiencing. Identify and acknowledge the reasons why you feel uncomfortable or emotionally exhausted. With this acknowledgment, you begin to explore the root of the problem and clear the path that leads you to the healing process.

Leave social media for a while
During the emotional detoxification process, you are best suggested to stay away from social media for a certain period of time. It's common knowledge that social media often causes anxiety and stress. Instead of wasting time watching other people's lives and comparing yourself to them, it's time for you to focus and try to heal yourself in ways that make you feel better.

Self reflect
Me-times are always great. Even though it sounds very simple, some people still don't have enough time for themselves and they have the tendency to focus on a lot of things, that includes other people's lives. By reflecting on yourself, you can understand what you want and what you need in the meantime.

Seek for help
If you have people you trust in your life, don't hesitate to ask them for help when you're about to start the emotional detox process. Indeed, everyone has their own problem and business, but they will certainly at least show sympathy if they really care about you. Tell whatever is bothering you, tell someone who you think understands and is comfortable with you best. By telling stories you can reduce some of the burdens that are weighing you down.

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