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Trend To Watch: Barbiecore

Jumat, 28 Jul 2023 15:33 WIB
Trend To Watch: Barbiecore
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Think pink, Barbiecore is ready to dominate the world!

Barbie is not only iconic for who they are. They've long served as an inspiration throughout the evolving world of fashion. While the Barbie we're all familiar with now is often associated with their signature hot pink, their debut in 1959 didn't have pink marketing as the first Barbie was seen sporting a zebra stripes swimsuit. It was only in the 70s that Mattel started to use pink as the main color for the brand's identity. They even copyrighted a Pantone shade called Barbie Pink (219 C), which is a deep and bright shade of the rosy hue.

Now, the color has been incorporated in many details for films, say Elle Woods from Legally Blonde with her iconic head-to-toe vibrant pink outfits, Mean Girls on Wednesday's rules to always wear pink, or even Miss Fabulous, Sharpay Evans from High School Musical. But the influence of Barbie isn't only shown in pop cultures. Celebrity figures like Paris Hilton whose outfits had known to showcase hyperfemininity with all pink and glittery details, then Nicki Minaj who had always referenced herself as Barbie through her lyrics, song titles, and album art-even her fandom's name is Barbz.

Following the release of Greta Gerwig's live-action Barbie adaptation, the core color of Barbie has taken the world by storm, we call it Barbiecore. By concept, Barbiecore is about embracing the vibrant and also playful shades like pastels or bubblegums into your everyday look. From pink shirts, pink purses, pink pumps, even down to accessories-this trendy hue is already a summer staple. It's understandable, because since we can't live in the ever-so-fantastic candy coloured Barbieland, the least we can do is obtain and incorporate Barbie's signature hue to our wardrobe.

The appeal of Barbiecore lies within its accessibility. Everyone can easily hop on the trend since hot pink is a bold color that's available at all price points. It's totally more of an approachable trend and at the same time a nod to the Y2K craze if you compare it with other fashion trends such as old money aesthetic that intersects with quiet luxury. It also serves as a way for people to challenge gender norms in expressing themselves through fashion.

So, if you have been playing it safe by only wearing neutral tones, now is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and see what all the fuss is about Barbiecore.

Just like they said; come on Barbie, let's go party!

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