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Where To Shop: Local Sportswear

Selasa, 23 Aug 2022 11:00 WIB
Where To Shop: Local Sportswear
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A knowledge everyone knows by heart is that exercising is an activity that can help people maintain a healthy body and lower the risk of the development of some diseases. Exercising regularly can also help prevent weight gain, decrease the risk of a heart attack, improve your muscle strength, and boost your endurance.

No matter what kind of exercise you're doing, whether it's playing badminton, running along the tracks on a sunny morning, or yoga, you want to be as comfortable as possible as you're doing a lot of moves. Not only comfort, but appearance also matters. So, if you're looking for sportswear that is chic but also comfortable, here are some recommendations for you.



Simple but efficient, Fieldway offers tank top sets or t-shirts with shorts in various block colors that are shaped in a loose fit   making you feel as comfortable as ever doing any activities from a simple run to tennis. From custard, royal blue, teal, and forest green, Fieldway is available for both women and men



Firm, secure, and of course, comfortable. One of the legging OSA offers provides a little pocket to put your phone in, making your activity become hassle-free! And a cute celery-green or cream sports bra that looks enticing if you wear it as innerwear? Yes, please!



Sweat in style, NYA Activewear provides a great range of sportswear for women from tennis skirts to gymnastic wear. Made out of nylon spandex, the halter tank complete with a mini zipper at the front will make you look like you're not even wearing sportswear-comfortable and chic, what more can you ask?



Hungkymate Active Wear offers trendy sportswear from bralettes to sports bra sets along with leggings. The design is simple yet captivating along with the lovely color option of soft green, pink blush, or custard. One of the products namely Zenia Set provides a single tank sports bra with another layer of see-through cut that widens the strap area. It will look super cute if paired with the leggings with a see-through stripe on the side of the legs to match the top.

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