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When Should We Cut Someone Off from Our Life

Senin, 11 Jul 2022 10:00 WIB
When Should We Cut Someone Off from Our Life
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The buzzword 'cut off' has been quite a trend on TikTok lately. Cut-off is a term that describes an act of ending one's relationship or friendship with someone without the will to interact or have any communication in the future. The act of cutting someone off from our life somehow becomes the best way to get out of a toxic bond with a person who always happens to cause us distress and mental struggle. However, we can't just dismiss any bond just because they upset us once in a while. Therefore, here are some things that you want to know about when we should cut someone off from our life.

When they often make insulting criticism
Insulting and criticizing are two different things we can tell right off the bat. Giving constructive criticism for their better self-development in the future is a very nice thing indeed. However, when they often pass you an insult and use 'oh, it's just a critique for you,' as an excuse, then it's a cue for you to walk out of their life.

When they corrupt your bond with other people
A good friendship is when there's constant and mutual support from one another. Not just with them, you probably have so many other friends whom you want to hang out with. However, if they start to give a sign of dislike whenever you hang with other people, that's one of many toxic traits. Furthermore, if they try to corrupt your friendship with other people, you're definitely not worth another day of having that kind of person to be considered as a friend.

When you're scared to talk to them
Another point that you may face which indicates to cut them off from your life is when you're scared to talk to them. You often have to prepare what kind of topic you need to talk about and you keep evaluating your diction and phrases again and again before you do it. Being friends with someone should've been comforting since they are supposed to be your safe place. If talking has become uneasy for you to do with them, then why bother hassling yourself to keep being friends with them?

They think everyone is at fault, except for them
The last sign that may become your consideration of cutting someone off from your life is when they're not open to criticism, yet at the same time, everyone is at fault in their eyes. Being friends with a person like this only makes you distort your perspective about society and you tend to become like them in the future. Of course, this kind of trait is not good for every individual to have as criticism is one of the many ways to reflect on ourselves and make a better self-development.

So, there you go, some of the things that maybe can become your guidebook whenever you're contemplating your friendship with someone. If they do you no good, then it's an adequate excuse for you to leave them and cut them off.

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