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Understanding the Mob Wife Trend

Jumat, 01 Mar 2024 16:30 WIB
Understanding the Mob Wife Trend
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If 2023 happened to be the year when the "clean-girl aesthetic" took first place as the biggest trend, 2024 is the year when the mob wife trend reigns supreme. Instead of slicked-back buns with no-makeup makeup look and minimalist accessories, it's time for heavy jewelry and heavier eyeliner, along with real or faux fur coats.

Glamour reports that the mob-wife fashion trend emerged during winter but gained traction in October 2023 when Sarah Arcuri, a TikTok user known as the "mob wife CEO," shared a video outlining its essentials: black leather, animal print, tousled updos, gold accessories, and designer handbags. However, the trend truly skyrocketed in popularity during the first week of 2024 when TikTok influencer Mikayla Toninato highlighted the allure of voluminous teased hair, smoky makeup, and oversized attire.

Understanding the Mob Wife Trend

The mob wife itself, according to Urban Dictionary, is described as a beautiful, selfless woman, usually married to a man of poor character-who is expected to do nothing but smile, take care of the kids and household, and tend to her husband, while never ever acknowledging the abusive, sinful, greedy, selfish world she married into.

Just like clean girl aesthetic and old-money style, the mob wife fashion trend highlights obvious signs of wealth. However, instead of understated elegance, it takes cues from flashy displays often linked to those who've recently become rich, especially through illegal activities. How did this particular style become associated with organized crime? According to Professor Ariadna Fernández-Planells, PhD, who has researched social media, youth culture, and gangs, the lifestyle and attire of gang members symbolize and embody power. Bauman adds, "It embodies a kind of flashy, audacious embrace of fashion sense that contrasts to the more traditionally subdued form of dress that has been considered appropriate for American men, especially in the workplace."

This could clarify why many content creators associate a "don't mess with me" attitude with key wardrobe items such as fur coats, animal prints, and high heels when describing the epitome of this style. They argue it's not just about the fashion choices; it's also about projecting a certain energy.

According to Madé Lapuerta, the creator of the Instagram account Data, But Make It Fashion, numerous social media posts in January demonstrated that mentions of "mob wife" were increasing by about four percent per day, while references to "clean girl" were declining by approximately 16 percent per day.

Some cultural analysts have highlighted that the mob wife trend contributes to glamorizing a highly harmful way of life. Despite the glitz and glamor, the mob wife characters depicted on TV are seen as somewhat tragic figures. However, like most trends, there are downsides. If you're not actually marrying into the mafia, the mob wife aesthetic exudes playfulness, femininity, allure, and boldness. Something to note is that it's all just for fun!

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