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Dewy vs Matte Finish, Which Suits Your Skin Type?

Sabtu, 06 Aug 2022 12:00 WIB
Dewy vs Matte Finish, Which Suits Your Skin Type?
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There's always a fun thing about doing your make-up. Not only does it allow you to be creative all you want combining different products to achieve a killer look, but it also transforms your whole look into a prettier, sexier, cuter version-depending on what look you are aiming for. However, it is essential to use a product that suits your skin type and skin condition so that you'll achieve a flawless finish look.

Foundation serves as the base or the 'canvas' that sits on your skin and is one of the important things you should pay attention to. We all already acknowledge that there are two types of foundation, matte finish, and dewy finish. You can freely choose whatever finishes you want, but each type works best with certain skin types.

Matte finish, just like how the name already gives the answer, leaves the skin looking "polished", air-brushed, without reflecting light. Matte foundation usually provides full coverage, ideal for those who need to cover something specifically on the face. Meanwhile, dewy foundations are generally created with natural oils and humectants that will make the final result on the face look well moisturized, glowy, and reflect light. This is great for those people who like the face to look radiant and youthful.

Based on its characteristics, matte finish is more suitable for those with oily skin. Its formula can leave zero excess oil, is usually long-lasting, and controls shine leaving matte foundation more loved by people with oily or acne-prone skin. However, matte foundation sometimes can create a 'flat' effect on the wearer. Shading or contouring might help to solve this problem.

People with dry skin harbor their hearts on dewy foundation because it compliments their skin really well. Its lightweight texture and ease to blend while still giving enough moisture to the skin are one of the famous reasons why some people opt for a dewy look. Common oils found in dewy foundation formulas are jojoba or almond oil, and dewy formulas can range in anything from lightly tinted moisturizer to liquid foundation that provides more coverage. However, as the day winds down, a dewy foundation can make the wearer look greasy, so you need to reapply the foundation or touch it up with some powder.

However, it doesn't mean you can't pull off both of them! There's a trick to nail getting the dewy look for oily skin and vice versa. The key is to add the glow back into the skin by creating a solid base that won't break apart and become greasy after hours of wear. How, you ask? You can mix your matte foundation with your go-to moisturizer. Another method you can try is to use a mattifying primer only on the area you get oily the most. This will ensure the oils on your skin won't disturb your makeup, leaving you dewy and glowy for the rest of the day instead of looking greasy.

Meanwhile, achieving matte finish on dry skin is a bit tricky. Matte foundation and dry skin just don't go well together, because it's possible to leave your skin base looking cracked. So, the key is to boost the moisture of your skin during prep-time, aka skincare. Get enough hydration and moisture before you apply your foundation. You can try using matte primer and get on with your usual dewy finish foundation. Or, you can opt for a foundation with a satin finish instead! Don't forget to apply face mist every hour and so.

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