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Do We Live Passively?

Rabu, 09 Mar 2022 18:00 WIB
Do We Live Passively?
Foto: Ben Blennerhassett/Unsplash
Jakarta -

Dreams and future achievements felt like something easy to achieve when we were kids. When adulthood came, reality hit like a storm. It finally hit us that all of our dreams and achievements that we planned would eventually get washed away-these things suddenly felt out of reach. Letting life goes on without any expectation feels as if humans were running in an endless loop of hamster wheel that never seems to see its end. When we finish school-based on societal schedules-it's expected of us to get a job, be financially independent, and eventually get married. We gradually start to allow life to happen to us instead of us being in control of the situation, letting ourselves be "average" and run on autopilot.

With so much happening in our personal life such as family, friends, or even career, we tend to not burden ourselves with more challenges within our control. Never taking chances and not expressing opinions about certain things to let others decide, simply because you no longer care about things that don't affect you directly. You prefer to lead a simple, easy life and avoid things that tend to cause troubles. You let fate decide your life for you instead of taking it in your hands, letting yourself stay in your comfort zone and not make big life decisions to steer clear of being pressured by such decisions.

It's normal to question, "Am I being passive or just simply selfless?" People are so used to being confused by selflessness by always saying yes, when it's simply not the case. Selflessness does not imply that we disregard our limitations. While being passive means we just let others or fate decide, selflessness doesn't mean we can't say no or not have boundaries. It means we care for other people more than ourselves. It's a conscious decision we make instead of letting external things "force" us to make such a decision.

Being passive eventually will ruin our mindset. Years go by wasted, when the time given to us could be spent by perfecting our talent or craft that we could have made. To not be stuck on a hamster wheel, people who believe they live passively need to understand that they are on a "winning" mindset. The first thing we can do is by not relying only on our talent, although it indeed sets us apart from our peers and makes us get the spotlight. We need to do something with that talent. If you're good at cooking, maybe try make a YouTube video about different kinds of food that your peers like. It may get a huge or low number of viewers, but at least you do something productive with your talent. Or even take the risks and consequences. Regardless of how baby steps they are, at least you're moving forward. Most importantly, take action. This is the hardest part to do for people who are so used to living in a comfort zone living passively, hence you may not be quite confident about a specific choice. The repercussions of making the incorrect decision might be disastrous. However, it makes no difference as you can't be satisfied by being unproductive and still expect to achieve certain things. Decisions need to be made at a certain point, therefore making it a habit to take action is important regardless of its possible outcomes.

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