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Get to Know: Girl Math

Jumat, 22 Sep 2023 14:29 WIB
Get to Know: Girl Math
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Tiktok has once again made everyone learn or realize an existing thing that never crossed our minds. If you're someone who can't spend a day without scrolling TikTok for at least 30 minutes a day, you may probably have heard about the term "girl math". Yes, the term has probably surged on the surface for the first time these past few weeks, but the concept of girl math, you probably have lived your life so far with this type of financial mindset-especially for girls out there. So, what is girl math that people have been talking about on social media?

Let's Know Girl Math

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Basically, girl math is a financial mindset that only some girls can understand. Especially when they're talking about cash money and money that they deposited at their e-wallets. Most girls-on social media-believe that buying something using their cash is free-which also applies with their e-wallets. It is indeed a silly way of thinking, yet somehow at some points I was like-hold on, I also think like that!

I think I've been adjusting to this idea of girl money before even realizing there was a specific term for it. Every week, I make a cash withdrawal, and most of the time, I end up using all of it to cover my work meals for the week. And yes, I must admit that spending cash money feels so much easier that it feels like I got to enjoy my meal for free.

My case of considering how cash equals free purchase is just one of the many examples of girl math. Here's the list of girl math that people share on social media that somehow so many girls can relate to:

  • Anything under $5 is practically free.
  • Buying tickets to a game, event, or a concert in advance, makes it free the day of the event because you bought the tickets so long ago.
  • You're losing money if you don't purchase something when it's on sale.
  • You're losing money if you don't spend enough to qualify for free shipping.
  • Spending money on e-wallets means you're using free money.
  • If your plan to go out got canceled means you have some money to spend on other things.
  • Anything paid in cash is free.

And so many more. It is believed that everyone has their own concept of girl math depending on their lifestyle. According to Mashable Asia, most girl math is a combination of these following economic principles:


Cost-per-wear is calculated by dividing the price of an item by its frequency of use. A lower cost-per-wear indicates a more economical purchase.

Girl math example: Consider a tote bag that serves multiple purposes, such as a carry-on, beach bag, and work bag. To calculate its cost-per-wear, divide the tote's price by the number of bags it replaces or how often you use it.

Sunk cost

Sunk cost describes money that's been used and can't be gotten back. In simple terms, once it's no longer in your account, you have used it up.

Girl math example: Let's say you recently purchased a $58 top. If you decide to return it, anything you buy with the $58 refund essentially doesn't cost you anything.

Prospective cost

Anticipated expenses in the future that can be prevented by taking action in the present.

Girl math example: if there's a coat you want, and it's on sale for 65 percent off during the summer, purchasing it allows you to prevent the future expense of waiting until winter when it returns to its full price.

"Girl math" is a term that encompasses the way many people, both men and women, manage their finances mentally. It involves categorizing financial decisions and rationalizing excessive spending. Dan Egan, the Vice President of Behavioral Finance and Investing at Betterment, a digital investment advisory firm, characterizes "girl math" as a form of mental accounting rooted in human psychology. This mental accounting isn't inherently positive or negative; rather, it involves mentally compartmentalizing money into separate mental accounts within our minds. These mental accounts significantly influence our behaviors when it comes to contemplating expenses or savings.

So, what kind of girl math do you believe you've carried until now that helps your financial condition?