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Masculine Energy vs. Feminine Energy Explained and How They Affect Relationships

Minggu, 17 Jul 2022 14:00 WIB
Masculine Energy vs. Feminine Energy Explained and How They Affect Relationships
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Basically, in every individual, there are two energies they carry inside; masculine and feminine energy. Both energies are not determined by gender, and generally one is more dominant than the other. However, with both energies, women predominantly default to feminine, whereas men predominantly default to masculine. So, what do masculine and feminine energy mean? And how do they affect a relationship?

Masculine Energy
As reported by Living Well Counseling Services, masculine energy is about doing and being action-oriented. Masculine energy is stable and more predictable. The strengths are will, clarity, and focus. The masculine energy likes to create structures and rules, so it knows how to apply logic properly. Masculine energy has core energy or characteristics as follows:

  • Good rational and logical skills
  • Able to think clearly
  • Able to build ongoing effort
  • Good external strength in persona
  • Able to think creatively and solve problems
  • Fond of challenges
  • Longing for admiration and appreciation
  • Independent

Feminine Energy
Contrary to masculine energy, feminine energy is flowing and dynamic. Its movements cannot be predicted or always explained with a rational mind. This energy is not constrained by social norms because it does not follow any rules other than the guidance that comes from the heart. People who are more dominant with feminine energy will have the following characteristics:

  • Easily able to calm down
  • Good at taking care of themselves and loving themselves
  • Able to find creative inspiration
  • Able to empathize
  • Able to make judgments outside the realm of rationality
  • Prioritizing feelings
  • Having good communication skills

How Do These Energies Affect Relationships?
According to Psychology Today, some researchers argue that men's and women's brains are wired differently. The male brain is wired from front to back, with few connections across the two hemispheres. Women, on the other hand, have more wiring from left to right, so the two hemispheres are more interconnected.

Even though everyone   without determining the gender, can combine both energies, masculine and feminine energies are two different polarities. However, each individual has one kind of energy that is way more prominent than the other one. Therefore, these differences can attract another human being to fit the puzzle that one is lacking.

The relationship built by two people can fall into discord when the masculine partner has defaulted too far over their feminine tendencies with their feminine partner, who is also in their feminine tendencies or vice versa. When the polarity is out of balance, the relationship starts to be disharmonic, with more frequent misunderstandings, disconnection, conflict, and ultimately, a complete break in sexual intimacy.

To solve this conflict caused by imbalanced energy, we don't have to ask our significant other to be more feminine or masculine as we can't control people and their energy, which is not supposed to be something we aim for. However, what we can do to recover from the energy imbalance is by intimate communication where we address the problem and find the solution together.

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