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Is Money Kink a Real Thing?

Kamis, 26 Oct 2023 14:30 WIB
Is Money Kink a Real Thing?
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Have you ever felt a rush of excitement as you unwrapped a lavish box you'd eagerly anticipated for so long? Opening it, you experience a level of satisfaction that surpasses anything a person could provide. It's soft to the touch, it smells like heaven, and it's a Chanel classic bag. This phenomenon can be described as a money kink. Let's break down what money kink actually is.

Breaking Down Money Kink

Certainly, individuals can indeed have a fetish for wealth and luxury. Distinguishing between finding pleasure in money and enjoying finer things is quite clear-cut. If you have a money fetish, you are genuinely sexually aroused by wealth and luxury. In contrast, appreciating nice things might bring you immense enjoyment, but it doesn't specifically trigger sexual arousal.

Mistress Kye, a professional kinkster and BDSM expert, has encountered numerous cases of money fetishes in her years of work. She notes that people can be easily enticed by money, especially in a capitalist society where the allure of wealth makes it ripe for fetishization.

This type of fetish thrives particularly under capitalism. Admittedly, this phenomenon likely stems from various problematic social structures and injustices, topics we don't have the scope to delve into here because our focus is on sexuality, not economics. However, it's crucial to recognize that despite these issues, the fetish itself remains genuine and valid.

It's also likely that it's not solely about the physical money itself. While some individuals might genuinely find arousal in the scent and texture of cash, even in such cases, the attraction to money is typically rooted in the power and privilege it symbolizes. Any sensory reaction you have to the aroma, appearance, or sensation of money is essentially linked in the brain to the concept of wealth equating to influence. And just like that, you find yourself incredibly aroused.

Possessing wealth can signify the ability to access a specific lifestyle, which can be sexually stimulating for certain individuals. According to kink educator Emerson Karsh, financial abundance can suggest societal traits such as authority, intelligence, and social connections, which have the potential to arouse people. Additionally, some individuals might find arousal in the sense of comfort and affection symbolized by being indulged with expensive items, luxury, and money. Karsh also states that money signifies power and the exchange of power. Interestingly, power dynamics are among the most frequently explored kinks, sexual interests, and desires.

It's a no-judgment area here, if you think you have experienced yourself getting aroused by luxury things or big amount of cash, you probably have money kink. However, it's important to be clear about the ways that you want to experience your money kinkā€”as everyone has different ideas of how money kink looks.

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