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200 Words Love Story: The Moon and The Star

Minggu, 11 Jun 2023 18:00 WIB
200 Words Love Story: The Moon and The Star
Jakarta -

I've always been wondering about the moon—do they ever get lonely?

The moon who always appears from outside my window, the one that's always far out of everyone's reach. Even the stars who fill the sky and the stretching horizon, none dares to close their agonizing gap with the moon.

As my mom tucks me to bed, she sighed, "They're beautiful, aren't they?"

I looked at her, noticing how her gaze fell outside of our window, her face lit by the faint light of the moon. I can only nod softly.

My mind ponders over the question that has been clouding my thoughts for the past few weeks.
I let out a frown, "Mom, did the star ever meet the moon?"

Her eyes flutter a few times before answering me with a soft smile, "They've tried, but they just don't fit together." she stated. "Their nature contradicts, one is hot and the other's cold. They have no other options but to just drift away from each other because their worlds don't collide."

Since then, I can't help but imagine myself as a star who happens to fall in love with the moon. I know I'm not the only star there ever is, but no matter how far I'd be, I'd look at them shine until they no longer can.

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