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Why Breaking Up via Text Is Bad to End a Relationship

Minggu, 20 Feb 2022 16:00 WIB
Why Breaking Up via Text Is Bad to End a Relationship
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Being in a relationship often shapes us into believing that the bond would last forever and we're all going to live happily ever after. However, we all can't deny the fact that every individual has differences and preferences that cause us all to have our perspectives on things. Therefore, sometimes people decide to put an end to their relationship once they realize that the inexplicable differences between them could be signs of incompatibility.

Breaking up is indeed a hard thing   both to do and to accept, furthermore when it is done in a way that's quite unacceptable. As we all now live in the digital era and communication is mostly carried out through smartphones which are always on our hands, breaking up via text is a common thing that people do and often receive from their ex-partners.

SimpleTexting   a text marketing software company conducted a survey in 2018 that showed how common breaking up over text was. It was revealed that 57 percent admitted that they would text their partners for a breakup and 69 percent stated that they had received breakup text before. This number proves that people are not hesitant to end their relationship via text and a whopping number of people have gone through the experience of being dumped through text. However, what is the exact reason for people who end their relationship through a text message instead of having a cup of coffee and talking it out in a way that is considerably more decent?

We all agree that generally, we would rather have serious conversations by meeting up in person rather than anything else. However, according to a licensed marriage and family therapist Carolyn Cole, LCPC, LMFT, NCC, breaking up with someone often causes us to feel a lot of anxious feelings regarding the reaction that we might get from the other person as the possibility for them to cry or get angry is reasonably high.

Therefore, doing it via text would likely lessen the risk of receiving such responses yet it is also hard to deny that people who dump their partner via text are quite egocentric and as it only benefits them for having a shortcut to what they desire, which is a breakup. Even though we can't put aside the fact that breaking up over text has privileges that are hard to resist, it can be impactful not just for the receiver but also for those who press send.

After having a taste of how easy it is to end a relationship via text, it is highly possible that they would do it again in the future if given the chance. This then could lead into a bad habit that is quite destructive for their personality. According to David Grammer, MA, LMFT-a licensed marriage and family therapist, if someone is constantly not witnessing the impact   be it shock sadness, or anger-what they do for breaking someone's heart, can increase the tendency of the sender being hurtful, impulsive, even contemptuous in the future. Not to mention the impact of the receivers who get dumped via text for it is causing them extreme hurt, anger, and curiosity about what went wrong that they deserve to be treated like that.

Breaking up is supposed to be something that is done in a way that is respectful and acceptable, no matter how messy the relationship already is. Everyone deserves to be in a place where they get proper closure and enlightenment about what is the reason behind the breakup itself and why the partner has come to a final decision that the relationship is no longer working between them. Even though breaking up through text can avoid the drama that may become the result and staring eyes (if one's decision to sit and talk it out in a public place), at least give them a phone call and give them a compact and reasonable explanation why the relationship should be put to an end.

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