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Double Standards on Women We Hate To Receive

Selasa, 01 Mar 2022 14:00 WIB
Double Standards on Women We Hate To Receive
Jakarta -

The double standard is a term used to describe the injustice of judgment sets for different subjects in the same situation where one party is given more latitude than the other. Double standards are often faced by women in so many backgrounds, be it in professional situations or marriage. The concept of double standard is indeed unhealthy, yet somehow it keeps evolving in our society, and the cure for people to stop having this idea remains unprecedented.

But it is somehow believed that these double standards are shaped by the preceding generation's moral values, which are supposedly unrelatable to the younger generation but somehow there's more injustice when it comes to this for women. The term was first used and spread in the 1930s in the United States of America that refers to sexual promiscuity applauded in men but decried in women, and in a way, it still occurs in our society.

However, the term double standard nowadays doesn't only apply to sexual things but also applies to many other things in which it still revolves around the inequity for women. For example, women are encouraged to have basic skills in the kitchen and house chores, like cooking and cleaning the house, and it's a must for men to have a successful career. So, society's views of women who are good at doing what is considered basic skills to have are normal. However, when men are acknowledged for their ability to do house chores and kitchen deals, society's views are starstruck and full of hearty eyes.

Let's change the roles. When women have successful careers and high positions, the reaction is indeed positive. However, not everyone agrees with this. These kinds of women are usually perceived to be bossy, too self-indulgent, and self-absorbed   as society thinks that a woman that age should focus on their family more than herself. However, men with successful career paths are always expected and considered as; men with achievements. Even in marriage, the presence of double standards also occurs for women. The comparison of this social stigma can be vividly seen between woman and man if one of them takes care of their kids, for a woman; it's her responsibility, but for man; it's a brilliant value, and he's going to be praised forever. It's a man's world, after all?

These mentioned examples are just a small portion of what's happening around us. We can't control what people see about us, even though we know that sometimes the injustice views are hurtful and inconsiderate. The only thing we can do is build a better generation ahead of us for more equality in action and to appreciate all gender's achievements and abilities outside the template that the preceding society has for them.

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