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After Coastal Grandma Chic, Eclectic Grandpa Aesthetic is On The Lead

Kamis, 07 Mar 2024 20:00 WIB
After Coastal Grandma Chic, Eclectic Grandpa Aesthetic is On The Lead
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Jakarta -

We've shared our thoughts on the coastal grandma chic aesthetic. As Pinterest said, and I quote, "It was so last year," there's an emerging aesthetic that just feels quite similar to the coastal grandma chic. Enter, eclectic grandpa.

The eclectic grandpa aesthetic is all about colorful knitwear, tweed, loafers, patterned boxer shorts, sensible sneakers, baseball caps, and wristwatches with the basic keywords: retro, custom, and vintage. In other words, embracing the eclectic grandpa is to dress like someone who has spent a lifetime curating a collection of clothing and accessories that speak to his individuality.

Surely, we all know how grandpas don't shop quite as much as we do since they somehow don't need a lot of clothes-and yet, they still rock. According to Vogue, the entire reason that the elderly dress this way is because they've purchased high-quality goods with longevity, rather than cheap garments destined to wind up in a landfill after a few wears.

Regarding aesthetics, it's more than just following trends that come and go. It also teaches us about the 'value' it owns. And in the case of the eclectic grandpa aesthetic, perhaps we could start to be mindful of our shopping behavior.

At your best, refrain from buying every cute sweater out there when you know it's made out of materials that will not last after   perhaps   a hundred washings. Instead, we should invest in well-made, high-quality sweaters that we intend to wear over the next decades, if not, long enough to pass down to our grandchildren.

Long live cool grandpas!



Hani Indita