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Keeping Your Relationship Private but Not Secretive

Selasa, 11 Apr 2023 17:04 WIB
Keeping Your Relationship Private but Not Secretive
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Not long ago, Taylor Swift reportedly ended her 6 years relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn, leaving a lot of people brokenhearted. While everyone's "mourning" for the loss of another couple goals, I was just finding out that she had a boyfriend all along. Call me outdated but I really thought Taylor Swift was single after her last relationship with Tom Hiddleston. Now the news has come to light, I began to wonder was I really living under a rock or whether the couple actually kept it lowkey?

Unlike her previous relationships, Taylor and Joe have kept much of their relationship out of the spotlight since the two began dating in 2016. Taylor herself has only made rare comments about the relationship over the years but the two often show each other's support. For instance, Taylor frequently made a visit to Joe's film set while Joe was often spotted at one of Taylor's shows.

It is also through Taylor's documentary film, Miss Americana, that the fans learn how her ex had co-write some of the hit songs in Taylor's eight studio album, Folklore. The rest of it? Pretty much under wraps. Even the break-up speculation arises when Joe hasn't been spotted at any of Taylor's shows since the 33 years old singer embarked on her new Eras Tour in March 2023. Among Taylor's past relationships, this was her most long lasting one. The two were even rumored that they were going to tie the knot.

How to Keep Your Relationship Private

There are many factors that may contribute to a stable and long lasting relationship. In Taylor's case, perhaps-even though they both went their separate ways in the end-is how they keep their relationship private. Both Taylor and Joe are public figures, going private was a difficult but not an impossible thing to do. They could've chosen to be secretive, but they chose to be private; fearlessly showing their love in their own ways while keeping the rest of the story to themselves. Not secretive, but private; last them for six years, which surely isn't a short time.

Private relationship is certainly not a new idea. The concept about it is that the people involved choose to keep their details and personal matters to themselves. It's defined by how limited the details you share to other people about your relationship. In this era, it is surely hard for some people not to update about their life on social media platforms including their romantic relationships. However, going private allows the relationship to bloom healthier. There's rarely pressure from the outside world, you certainly don't have to prove anything or gain validation from anyone. You only focus on each other. This makes navigating the relationship easier because your relationship is no one's business other than you and your partner's.

This doesn't mean that you should never boast about your relationship. You're not keeping them a secret, you're just limiting the details. You don't lie when someone asks about your relationship status. A picture of the two of you posted on your social media isn't exactly a wrong move either. Being private about your relationship means that although you are not excessively loud and or annoying with it all the time, you are still unequivocally truthful about being in one. However, that's all you let people know. The intimate details about your romantic relationship are not for the public to have any knowledge about, it is enough for the two of you to enjoy.

Since you and your partner are the only people who truly understands the nature of the relationship, it will be easy to tackle any influences from your closest peers and family. In addition, you don't let the public criticize your every move. You'll handle challenges and conflict better.

It's important to note that a private relationship must be a mutual agreement. It will only work if the people involved are comfortable with the level of privacy they have settled on. Hence, it is crucial to be honest with your partner about your boundaries and needs as an assurance that you both feel not only comfortable but also respected in the relationship. If those are not discussed really well, you'll most likely flunk in building a solid foundation for the relationship.

While there are many reasons why the couple might not live their happily ever after life together-still, the details are not for public consumption. Take note from Taylor and Joe.



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