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Understanding What SZA Means with "Cuffing Season"

Selasa, 28 Nov 2023 14:01 WIB
Understanding What SZA Means with
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As someone who regularly uses TikTok, my curiosity has been piqued by various contents. Not too long ago, I came across a thirst-trap video featuring edited clips of K-pop idols set to the background music of SZA. The lyrics of her song lingered in my memory, particularly the part where she sings, "it's cuffing season and all the girls be needing, I need a big boy, gimme a big boy, gimme a big boy." This got me wondering about the meaning of "cuffing season" in her lyrics. If you share the same curiosity, here's some insight into what the term "cuffing season" actually signifies.

To begin with, you might be curious about the origin of the term "cuffing season." Essentially, the term "cuffing" is a metaphor for the symbolic handcuffs that individuals wear when they are in a committed, securely bound relationship. As these relationships are typically brief, the season is aptly named "cuffing season."

Cuffing season typically occurs from late fall to early spring, spanning from just before the winter holidays to Valentine's Day. During this winter period, individuals are more likely to pursue romantic relationships for the sake of convenience and a natural desire for connection. The goal is to have a partner for cozy moments during cold weather, a companion for holiday events, and to experience closeness and companionship in a season known for its challenges.

At times, individuals who are not in a relationship may knowingly enter into these connections, understanding that this is likely to end once the weather becomes warmer. However, some might find themselves in a cuffing season relationship without clear foresight simply because they desire companionship during this time of year. If the relationship is based more on this desire than a genuine connection, it is more likely to lose its spark as the longing fades in the spring. The difficulty arises because many people don't explicitly communicate that they are entering into a cuffing season relationship. As a result, it can either evolve into a true and lasting love or leave the other party heartbroken.

Psychologically speaking, people do get pressured for being single during the holidays as they have to show up in family gatherings-seeing other cousins, sisters and married folks-and being asked about their personal love life, such as "why are you still single?" Having a partner during this time of the year when family gatherings are unmissable can eliminate these invasive questions. Other than that, the winter season brings a heightened longing for cuddles and affection during the day and night.