I MADE ME : Mandy CJ - It's About Owning Your Work As A Woman

"Don't try to hide your personality, that's how you really shine through is just being yourself!" Mandy CJ explains how she once struggle to know herself in the midst of the creative industry, once known to be a male dominated field. So don't be afraid to take your #1ststepofchange !


Identity is the understanding of who we are, what we identify with, and how our frameworks affect us. Fashion has a longstanding relationship with both social and personal identity, and is one of the most visible expressions of it. The way we dress can communicate to others how we portray ourselves in different social situations, underlined by social expectations and norms, to how we express our sense of true self.

Through this program, CXO Media wants to dig deeper into the fashion styles that someone used to express their personal identity. The aim are to inspire and educate the audience about various kinds of fashion styles and the uniqueness of each individual fashion style.

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