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Welcoming Virgo Season: Some Virgo Artists' Iconic Movies to Watch

Kamis, 24 Aug 2023 18:00 WIB
Welcoming Virgo Season: Some Virgo Artists' Iconic Movies to Watch
Jakarta -

Virgo season is finally here! To celebrate one of the earth element signs, we're here to recollect some of the most iconic movies starring Virgo actors and actresses as a different and entertaining way to enjoy the season. Here are some curated iconic movies to enlighten your weekends.

The Age of Adaline starring Blake Lively (2015)
The Virgo girl, Blake Lively plays the character of Adaline Bowman. Following a 1937 accident that bestows Adaline Bowman with eternal youth that she stays 29 for almost a century, she avoids forming deep connections with individuals who could expose her condition. As time progresses, an encounter with the charming philanthropist Ellis Jones rekindles her passion for both love and existence. However, a visit to meet his parents jeopardizes her concealed reality, Adaline makes a choice that will have everlasting consequences.


Charlie's Angels starring Cameron Diaz (2000)
Derived from the well-received Charlie's Angels series from 1976, three charming young women—Natalie (Cameron Diaz), Dylan (Drew Barrymore), and Alex (Lucy Liu)—are in the employment of the mysterious Charles "Charlie" Townsend (portrayed by John Forsythe). They serve as modern-day counterparts to James Bond—engaging in activities such as controlled explosions and impressive combat skills. Their mission involves reclaiming stolen software and gracefully managing high heels.

Constantine starring Keanu Reeves (2005)

This movie revolves around the life of John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), an unconventional paranormal investigator who has experienced a journey to Hell and back. When he joins forces with a skeptical policewoman named Angela Dodson to unravel the mysterious suicide of her twin sister, their inquiry guides them into the realm of demons and angels hidden beneath modern-day Los Angeles. Entrapped in a series of extraordinary supernatural occurrences, the duo becomes deeply entwined and strives to attain their personal solace, regardless of their own peace at any cost.


Notting Hill starring Hugh Grant (1999)
Introducing William Thacker (Hugh Grant), an unsuccessful owner of a bookstore in Notting Hill, and Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), a renowned actress. Their paths intersect when Anna enters his bookstore. In a subsequent encounter, William's disbelief remains strong as he accidentally spills orange juice on her. Anna agrees to change in his nearby apartment, expressing her gratitude with an unexpected kiss that surprises both of them. As time goes on, Anna and William's connection deepens over the months. However, navigating a relationship with the world's most sought-after woman proves challenging—not only in the presence of their closest friends but also under the scrutiny of the media.


The King's Speech starring Colin Firth (2010)
Prince Albert of Britain (Colin Firth) faces the task of becoming King George VI despite his struggle with a speech impediment. Recognizing the importance of effective communication for her husband's role, Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) enlists the assistance of Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), an Australian actor and speech therapist. Their relationship evolves into an exceptional bond as Logue employs unique methods to aid the monarch in conquering his stutter and speaking with confidence.