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Did You Have a Bad day? Maybe You Need "Floor Time" Right Now!

Rabu, 19 Jun 2024 19:00 WIB
Did You Have a Bad day? Maybe You Need
Did You Have a Bad day? Maybe You Need “Floor Time” Right Now!/ Foto: Istimewa
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Everyone has had a bad day-including me. Imagine that your boss scolded you without any reason; or your car suddenly broke down when you were in a hurry; or you forgot about your deadline-it's normal, everyone experiences them sometimes. However, there are many ways to make your mood better and be more accepting of all these bad situations. One of which is called "floor time".

This new term actually gained traction through TikTok. Many TikTok users think floor time is the best choice for anyone who's stressed, overwhelmed, sad, or just wants to relax. Moreover, according to TikTok, floor time is also done by people after a breakup or you're in a bad mood. And you know what? Surprisingly, floor time has benefits for our mental health!

Blow Your Stress with Floor Time

As quoted by Bustle, founder and director of Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy, Brandt Passalacqua, stated that a lot of people actually enjoy lying on the ground. "I think adults find it soothing [...] because it brings them similar benefits as a more intentional practice, like savasana."

Floor time is similar to a yoga pose called the corpse pose. Essentially, you're just grounding on the floor. Just like an intentional savasana at the end of a yoga practice, floor time physically removes you from whatever is stressing you out, like work or chores.

You just lie flat on your back, and put your body into a neutral position. It will release aches and tension in your muscles. In this position, your body, which is on the floor, will send a message that you're safe and comfortable. It will help you feel more present.

"You may feel connected to the earth. This can calm the mind and reduce stress, making floor time appealing for its restorative qualities," says Passalacqua.

Therapist Janet Bayramyan, LCSW, says floor time may also help to reset your central nervous system. When you are in a moment of relaxation, your breath will return to normal. As your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, your stress hormones will drive away, and your heart rate will be lower.

Furthermore, floor time can also help with anxiety. When you feel that a meltdown is coming, you can lay on the floor for a few minutes, feel your breath, and empty your mind. You will feel the difference after that. Passalaqua says that the more often you do floor time, the greater that your physical and mental health will change. Gradually, your perspective will also shift to be more positive.

Thus, when you need to reset your body and mind, floor time might be the easiest option-as it is helpful when you need to slow down and be still. Essentially, floor time is the practice of doing nothing, which means it's an ideal way to chill after work, on a Saturday morning, or whenever you need to relax.

If you want to try it, you can do so in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even in the backyard, as long as you are comfortable. Just lie back, close your eyes, and focus your gaze on a point on the ceiling. Comfort is key, so if you have a sensitive lower back, get a rolled blanket or a pillow as your base. It will make you more comfortable.

So, try this at home and lower your stress level!