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All The Ways You're Washing Your Hair Wrong

Selasa, 12 Apr 2022 22:00 WIB
All The Ways You're Washing Your Hair Wrong
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After jumping into an experiment with no shampoo for a week, now we know that shampooing our hair is as important as ever. Chances are, you might have never thought of whether or not you have been doing the right thing when it comes to washing your hair. Most of us would be on the side as long as it lathers, the shampoo is doing its thing to our hair. However, there are some things that people have missed that they have been doing their hair wrong this whole time. In case you're one of them, here are things that you may need to know about washing your hair in a way that is right and better for the health of your hair.

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Choose the right shampoo for your hair type
The majority of people choose their shampoo based on the scent and popularity only, without minding the real concern their hair is currently facing. If you don't pick the right shampoo for your hair condition, you're definitely on a bad start because you might end up causing more damage to your hair. Here's some insight for you:

  • For fine/thin hair, you're highly suggested to go for a gentle and clarifying shampoo.
  • For thick/coarse hair, look for a shampoo with moisturizing qualities.
  • For colored hair, you want to choose something that is color-safe that won't strip your hair dye every time you wash it.
  • For bleached hair, go for clarifying shampoo to prevent unwanted yellow tones.

Use the right amount of shampoo
The more amount the better the result, this kind of statement should not be applied when it comes to washing your hair. Using too much shampoo will only cause a sticky feeling on the crown of your hair that is such a hassle to get rid of it. The amount of shampoo should depend on the length and thickness of your hair. If you have short hair, aim for a dollop of shampoo that's about the size of a nickel. For shoulder-length hair, think quarter-sized. If you have long hair, you'll want to squeeze enough shampoo to roughly cover your palm.

Also, remember to mix it with a little water in the palm of your hair and make sure to apply it only to your entire scalp and crown, no need to go extra miles by washing the tips of your hair. The truth is, the tip of your hair can get cleaned when you rinse it out.

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Rinse your hair thoroughly
Washing the unending lather on your head is indeed a hassling moment for taking too much time. However, you're suggested to spend at least a minute or two rinsing your hair to make sure there's no soap remains. It's considered a big mistake if you leave the remaining shampoo in your hair as it could lead to scalp build-up and a sticky feeling on your crown. The temperature of the water is also as important. Cold water is the most effective when it comes to rinsing your hair because it helps to make your hair stronger and healthier.

Apply conditioner
Conditioner is not meant to be applied on the scalp or anywhere near the scalp, because it will only make your crown oily. Instead, apply it only from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair and let it sit for 2 to 5 minutes to let the hair absorb the formula. However, don't ever think to let the conditioner sit for more than the recommended time, or it might be hard to get rid of it and leave residue behind.

Dry the hair
Once you get out of the shower, dry your hair with a towel. Make sure only squeeze or pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it which can cause damage to your hair. If possible, use a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt to dry your hair because the rougher the material fiber, the more damage it may cause to your hair.

See, there is indeed a right and better way to wash your hair that minimizes damage and focuses on the health of your hair. So, have you been doing your hair wrong this whole time?

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