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BLACKPINK's Jennie Made Her Runway Debut with Jacquemus

Kamis, 13 Jun 2024 18:30 WIB
BLACKPINK's Jennie Made Her Runway Debut with Jacquemus
Foto: Jacquemus
Jakarta -

Jennie, the it girl from South Korea, has been all over the internet after her debut on Jacquemus' runway in Capri, Italy. The artist and Jacquemus have always had good relations aside from the fact that Jennie is the global brand ambassador for Chanel. Well, if you could get two of them in your pocket why bother having only one?


Jacquemus' latest runway show, titled "Lacasa'', took place at the roof patio ofCasaMalaparte in Capri with a breathtaking cliff and sea view. This show was a celebration for designer SimonPorteJacquemus, whose namesake brand just passed the 15 year mark. Not only Jennie, there were multiple celebrities and friends ofJacquemus who attended the show, including DuaLipa, PeggyGou,Arón Piper,ManuRíos, and many more.

Jennie walking for JacquemusJennie walking for Jacquemus/ Foto: Jacquemus

Walking down the runway to close out the show, the superstar K-pop idol wore an open-back black halter dress with zebra-print mules in the double-heeled style Jacquemus debuted on the runway this January. The turquoise Le Rond Carré shoulder bag gave a pop of color for the whole look. Anyone who saw teaser photos of her on Jacquemus' Instagram account with strapless red dress and black shades wouldn't realize that she would actually walk down the steep runway at Casa Malaparte in Capri.


After modeling for the runway, Jennie greeted and hugged Simon Porte Jacquemes on the stairs leading to the main runway before the designer took his final bow for the guests. A momentous occasion indeed.