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Kylie Jenner Launched Her First Clothing Line, "Khy"

Selasa, 21 Nov 2023 19:00 WIB
Kylie Jenner Launched Her First Clothing Line,
Foto: Khy
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Kylie Jenner has followed her sister's—Kim—pursuit in the clothing line by the launch of Khy, her very own fashion brand. First launched on her Instagram on October 24th, Kylie Jenner sat on a carpeted floor in a black faux-leather trench coat with Ferragamo pumps and "Meet khy," as the caption. The launch was officially announced on October 25. According to Wall Street Journal Magazine, the brand's debut collection was described as "the wardrobe of a biker babe during the apocalypse—who happens to have internet access and a Pilates-toned body."


Khy's initial debut occurred through a partnership with the Berlin-based gender-neutral label Namilia, co-founded by Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl. Namilia is recognized for its bold and edgy aesthetic, infused with politically charged messages, which the Wall Street Journal characterized as "borderline-pornographic." Noteworthy items from the brand encompass motocross-inspired ensembles frequently donned by celebrities like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and BLACKPINK members. The Wall Street Journal first disclosed details of the collaboration between Khy and Namilia, highlighting the inclusion of black faux-leather pieces and base layers crafted from nylon and elastane.

The first Khy release comprised a collection of 12 items, spanning from form-fitting dresses to leather pants and jackets, showcased in urban settings. As indicated in a press statement, Kylie Jenner was seen donning the Faux Leather Open Back Top ($78) and the Faux Leather Pants ($118). Hailey Baldwin endorsed the Khy Faux Leather Strapless Mini Dress ($98), while Kendall Jenner opted for the Khy Faux Leather Strapless Long Dress ($148).