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Trend To Watch: The Mary Jane

Kamis, 20 Apr 2023 16:00 WIB
Trend To Watch: The Mary Jane
The Mary Jane Foto: CXO Media
Jakarta -

From Paris to New York, all kinds of Mary Jane are rebounding in the fashion world. Mary Jane were known to be the 'it' shoes back in the 1920s, giving a preppy schoolgirl look. The buckled shoe with its capability to showcase femininity has always been appealing, and everyone is welcoming the Mary Jane for its triumphant return to the stream of trends.

Mary Jane has climbed the stairs of fame since she clopped along the Spring/Summer 2023 catwalks at Prada, Chanel, Versace, and Dior. The shoes were originally named after a character in the Buster Brown comic, which was first released in 1902; Mary Jane started out as training shoes for babies.

No wonder the elevated styles that we see today give off a sort of childlike vibe in a posh way. After the ugly yet comfy slides and sneakers that have dominated our lives since the pandemic, Mary Jane and her fresh looks greet everyone with diverse styles and colors. From flats, kitten to chunky heels, Mary Jane comes in various moods to suit your occasion.

Styling Mary Jane has never been a hassle. You can just wear the pair as it is, but it's not a sin to complement the look with a pair of lace or ruffled white socks. Both for casual and formal occasions, just choose how much chunkiness you'd like to have, and Mary Jane can be your best friend throughout the day.

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