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Sergio Hudson Speaks for Every Type of Woman through His Spring Collection

Selasa, 14 Feb 2023 18:30 WIB
Sergio Hudson Speaks for Every Type of Woman through His Spring Collection
Foto: Sergio Hudson
Jakarta -

"I feel like younger girls are inspiring me right now, like my oldest step-daughter or my niece. Even just girls you see on Instagram and they're wearing these beautiful vintage clothes. It speaks to me. And I wanted to speak back to them."

Sergio Hudson's collection for his Ready-to-wear Spring 2023 was legit nostalgic of the early 90s scene with shoulder pads, neon colors, and graffiti prints adorning the fashion house's runway last Saturday.

Hudson, who's widely known to have dressed Beyonce, Michelle Obama, and Rihanna, told The Associated Press that he borrowed the collection's inspiration from artist Jason Naylor's colorful and psychedelic murals. As we all can witness ourselves, the models walked the runway on a graffiti print by Naylor with hints of 90s retro by the designer. The two merged their styles into graffiti letters that were spray painted on white T-shirts, incorporated into the fabric of the collection, and sequined designs.

His collaboration with Jason Naylor was not a mere collaboration out of adoration, but a spiritual encouragement. Hudson told the press that the artist's murals have a deeper meaning for him. During a hard time for his business when he lived in Los Angeles, he came across a Naylor mural on the other side of the street. "When I saw it, it just kind of touched me emotionally. I always said if I ever get the opportunity, I was going to do a collection inspired by him." Hudson said.

Hudson's takes on the vintage scheme were nicely executed with models lined up in highlighter-hued tweed suits, leather underwear, dresses with corset tailoring, and pencil skirts, along with their hair styled in '90s style. The designer brought youthfulness to his collection with bright hues and slinky dresses with sparkly cutouts on the runway.

Neon colors play a huge role in his collection. Either it's all about one color from head to toe for blazers and flare pants or color block for layered coats and mini dresses. The psychedelic arts adorned the mini dresses, sequined pencil skirts, and satin shirts, giving a whole new perspective on how contemporary arts can merge with fashion in distinctive ways.

Presenting a wide range of options in color and style, he strives to create something for every type of woman, whether for those who are drawn to mini dresses and pieces with cut-outs here and there or sharply tailored fits that Michelle Obama would wear. Sergio Hudson, through his Spring collection, is trying to speak for everyone.

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