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Dopamine Dressing

Minggu, 27 Mar 2022 16:00 WIB
Dopamine Dressing
Jakarta -

In this unprecedented time, many things that used to bring us joy were on hold for two years. However, it's such a relief that at least we have one thing that can bring happiness to us, especially fashion enthusiasts: clothing. There's indeed a connection between our outfits and our state of mind, as predicted by style publications this year; a new style under the name "dopamine dressing," which involves dressing in a way that can bring you felicity and boosts your mood.

Somehow, dopamine dressing has become the latest fashion buzzword since designers are now leaning to brightly-hued outfits for spring/summer runway shows as a token for us to have some fun with fashion again. The name dopamine dressing itself refers to a kind of neurotransmitter created in the brain, which is associated with all feel-good things. These bright colors are believed to have different energetic vibrations and are often associated with a certain energy center in the body (chakra). For instance, orange is convinced to link us with enthusiasm, success, and self-expression, while indigo links with intuition.

Not always in terms of colors, dopamine dressing also includes any kinds of texture and style that are believed to have psychological associations that the wearer wants to portray and affect the people around them. The freedom of dressing for you the way you want to-even though it's beyond your comfort zone-is a dopamine trigger.

Research unveils that trying new things (in any aspect) can benefit your mental health. However, in this case, taking risks in fashion and choosing wilder outfits that you used to think weren't for you are the main idea of dopamine dressing that somehow can drive you to a new level of self-confidence and assuredness.

The perspective of your fashion style is what matters the most in dopamine dressing. Wearing new styles you have always wanted to try and becoming one with outfits that scream "you" are the main idea to embody this trend.

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