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Don't Sleep With Wet Hair

Senin, 20 May 2024 16:27 WIB
Don't Sleep With Wet Hair
Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair/Foto: Pexels: Craig Adderley
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Picture this; you just had a long day, a nice hot shower could truly provide you a quick relaxation as you wash off the day. Ideally, you'd let them dry completely before tucking yourself into bed. However, there's just some days where you're too tired to do that. You refuse to use the help of a blow dryer because there's a chance of waking your sleeping family members, so you just let yourself sleep with fresh wet hair. We've all been there, what's the harm in it?

Risks of Sleeping with Wet Hair

Though it's more 'convenient,' dermatologists agreed that we should avoid sleeping on wet hair because it could increase the risk of hair damage, scalp issues, and even infections. While you sleep, your hair will inevitably experience friction against your bedding, such as pillows or sheets. If you frequently sleep with wet hair, especially if it is tied, braided, or tightly bunned, this friction can make your hair more susceptible to damage, such as tangling easily, breaking more often, and eventually losing its shines and appears dull—as hair is in its weakest state when it is wet.

And not to mention the damp pillow. Sleeping with wet hair creates an environment where mold and bacteria can thrive. This increases the risk of developing various fungal infections such as aspergillosis, malassezia folliculitis, and tinea capitis. All these infections make your scalp itchy, worsen existing dandruff condition, down to red rashes and even hair loss. Not only skin concerns, but the moist and warm environment from damp beddings can also irritate your airways, which may lead to respiratory issues.

Therefore, if you care about your hair health, try to avoid washing your hair at night if you struggle to find the time to dry it down. However, if you still need to wash your hair at night, then pay attention to how to protect your hair from friction. Use a loose scrunchie to gather hair, but don't tie it up too tight as it could further damage your hair. You could also try to sleep on a silk pillowcase that is thought to reduce friction on your hair while you sleep.



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