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Pretty Privilege, Makes Our Life Easier?

Jumat, 04 Feb 2022 10:00 WIB
Pretty Privilege, Makes Our Life Easier?
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Jakarta -

We all instantly agree that validation from people around us for being pretty is something that we're thankful for. Even though looks are subjective for each individual, one may think you have such a good-looking appearance but some others may consider you average-looking. It is undeniable that somehow people with good looks often receive better treatment from society than people they consider unattractive, talking about fairness, it's of course not a fair thing yet sadly it does happen for real around us. This one certain topic has been taking over social media and somehow, we've been living under this impression without even realizing that it really exists in our society. Yes, it is something called Pretty Privilege.

Pretty Privilege by meaning is a principle that people who are deemed attractive based on beauty standards that stand in society, have an upper hand, and are afforded many opportunities that regular people who society regard as unattractive don't have. This privilege is something that we all must have been very aware of-whether or not we have received one. However, believe it or not, some scholarly studies and surveys have shown and proven that appearances do have a direct correlation with how well we are received by others, be it social or professional settings. There's no wonder that sometimes, we all must have witnessed that pretty women that are in line with the beauty standards are often treated way better by their male friends if being compared to women who don't meet the beauty standards in that certain society.

Hard to deny that pretty privilege is a real thing as it has been proven many times around us as it can give way more to popularity, higher grades, positive work reviews, and career advancement. Moreover, nowadays we can easily find some job opportunities on job portals on the internet that have 'good looking' as a point for a certain position requirement. Therefore, saying that pretty privilege gives bigger opportunities in a career is a truth and not an overstatement.

It is also often happening around us where two people who got into the same trouble-one is considered meeting the beauty standards while the other one is not- don't receive equal treatment from society. Netizens would leave mean comments for the latter while the other one would receive words of encouragement and support to get through it. What an unfair world we live in, don't you think?

These beauty standards are different in every region of the world. However, in Indonesia, beauty standards frequently revolve around European physical stereotypes for having fair skin, a skinny body, a pointy nose, big-doe eyes, and many others. Therefore, people who don't acquire at least some of those points would definitely be considered unattractive by most people in society. It's hard to deny that it is somewhat the harsh truth about the society that we live in.

Having an attractive outer appearance is indeed a privilege and sometimes most of the time we all refuse to admit it-especially those who own it. Nevertheless, by knowing that this privilege is for people who meet the societal beauty standards, we must acknowledge that this system of how the world works is supposed to be dismantled! Everyone deserves to be given equal treatment, opportunity, chances, and favor as everything should have been appraised for their ability, professionality, and attitude.

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