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What to Do on Earth Day

Jumat, 22 Apr 2022 12:00 WIB
What to Do on Earth Day
Jakarta -

Each year today, we celebrate Earth Day as a reminder of how amazing our planet is through which it has been giving us life, food, and anything we need. As the dominant force, we humans have the responsibility to give it back to the world, don't we? Even though a day seems not enough to pay it back, it's still better than nothing.

Earth Day was first celebrated about 52 years ago in Wisconsin, USA   when its senator organized a national march to raise awareness about environmental issues, which spread nationally and became a ritual that now has been commemorated globally. Can you imagine even in 50 years, the situation is not getting any better?

Our Earth has been experiencing an Anthropocene era, where humans have had a substantial impact on our planet, changing nature's condition, habitat and biodiversity, oceans and soil, and the atmosphere through global warming.

Again, you may feel that reversing the climate condition back to a stable temperature is not a single person's job, but why should you think you can't give any influence to other people? Through simple daily activities, you could help shape a more conscious life that goes a long way.

Here are a few things you can do.

Plant a tree
The tree is an ultimate carbon sink that can help the Earth to heal. You can't underestimate its role in this world, however small it is. Planting trees will only give you goodness both mentally and spiritually. Moreover, nurturing trees will also teach you how to communicate with nature and yourself.

Ride your bike
Although we don't have proper road lanes for bicycles, we could still ride one carefully, right? Riding bicycles contributes zero-emission to the atmosphere while giving you a stronger mind and healthier body. Let your cars and other engines rest aside, and you won't regret it.

Save water
We've been experiencing water insecurity in some parts of the world, which leads to diseases and deaths. Besides saving energy, you can also try to conserve water at home by only using the shower and faucet when needed.

Educate yourself
Try reading books and articles about global warming to get a clear picture of the Earth's condition. Alternatively, if you dislike reading, you can watch nature documentaries and podcasts to listen to while commuting.

Spread the love
Share your sustainability journey on social media, and let the world know how easy and meaningful it is to build a healthier lifestyle. If you're passionate about it, make informative and aesthetically pleasing content   so it gets the exposure it deserves.

So, what do you think? Growing as a human while saving the Earth, is worth a try, ain't it?

Happy Earth Day 2022! Earth Day Errrday!

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