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Get to Know: Kwame Adusei, the Ghanaian Designer Set to Take the World Over

Jumat, 01 Mar 2024 16:03 WIB
Get to Know: Kwame Adusei, the Ghanaian Designer Set to Take the World Over
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From Beyoncé to Kylie Jenner, Kwame Adusei has lowkey become your favorite celebrities' favorite designer. As Kylie posted on her Instagram account to tease her Batman X Kylie Cosmetic, she interpreted the iconic Caped Crusader look with Kwame Adusei's black short-sleeve leather jumpsuit, featuring pointy shoulder pads. The Kardashians' youngest left the one-piece unbuttoned down to her hips, exposing a black under-bust piece with faux-ab details. And let's not forget how Beyoncé rocked the designer's oversized black leather jacket to Dave Chapelle's show back in 2022.


Get to Know Kwame Adusei

According to Vogue, over the past couple of years since relocating to Los Angeles, Adusei has gained attention from celebrities like Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, Lori Harvey, Kali Uchis, Ciara, Reneé Rapp, and others for his collection of artworks focusing on sexuality and androgyny. Adusei's choice to move from Ghana was driven by a strong desire to emphasize his African heritage within the brand.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles, he discovered a significant lack of familiarity with African fashion among many people, despite the presence of talented designers both within and outside of Africa. This realization prompted him to choose a name for his new label that celebrated his cultural heritage. Ultimately, he decided on his own name for the label, yet he experienced conflicting emotions about the decision.

Craftsmanship is fundamental to his brand, and Adusei's skill with fabrics allows him to mix masculine and feminine qualities. While androgyny is important for his brand, he's committed to creating clothes that enhance the female figure rather than just adjusting men's styles for women. Adusei describes this style as embracing femininity with hints of masculinity.


Highlighting the diversity within African fashion beyond just bright colors, Adusei crafts sustainable, one-of-a-kind garments that reflect the confidence of his target audience. With a strong dedication to quality and eco-friendliness, Adusei's design process yields garments that share personal stories and endure over time. Each collection begins with its own unique inspirations, whether sparked by travels or conversations, making the design process a constant exploration.

At present, Kwame Adusei is reshaping fashion by presenting bold silhouettes infused with unique colors and captivating allure. Drawing from diverse inspirations and a deep concern for both consumers and the environment, Adusei envisions a brand where craftsmanship holds more weight than mere popularity. His aim is to promote the idea of people choosing clothing based on how they complement the body rather than solely relying on brand names.

Even though you might not see it right away in his designs, the skills and ideas Adusei learned in Ghana are at the core of his fashion beliefs. He always aims to make clothes that work well and make his customers look flattering. Keep an eye out and you'll notice more of his works and expertise adorning your favorite celebrities.

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