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Unsure About Your Christmas Dinner Outfit? Get Fashion Tips from an Influencer!

Sabtu, 09 Dec 2023 11:00 WIB
Unsure About Your Christmas Dinner Outfit? Get Fashion Tips from an Influencer!
Jakarta -

Christmas is coming! Have you decided on what to wear to Christmas dinner with your family or partner? Choosing the perfect outfit can be challenging when you want to stand out, so fashion influencer Ayla Dimitri is giving a sneak peek of the upcoming holiday fashion trends.

"Talking about trends, especially for the holiday season, the trend is starting to lean into party look, dinner look, and holiday look. Strong colors like deep red have started to appear in numerous fashion items, like, red shoes, red bags, or red dresses    they have such deep colors," she stated at the Zalora 12.12 Mega Sale press conference at the Oscar Attitude, Thursday (7/12).

According to Refinery29, deep red has become a mainstay on various Fall/Winter 2023 runways. However, if you don't like wearing all red because it stands out too much, you can opt for a simpler look. Try wearing red high heels or a neutral-colored dress combined with a red handbag. This way, the red will still shine without being too loud.

Ayla also stated that one of the items you must have this holiday season is boots. Even though there's no winter in Indonesia, having a reliable pair of boots in your rotation will surely come in handy.

"I think this is one of the hottest items of the season, since we are approaching the end of the year and it's winter abroad-so there's nothing wrong in having one of them. Boots are definitely a must have," Ayla said.

Other must-have fashion items

It's not just a Christmas fashion trend; this former fashion editor is giving tips on anything that could be trending next year-one of those trends is oversized bags. The reason is that back in 2022, we had micro-bags as a fashion trend. In the next year, the focus will probably shift more towards a relaxed look.

"So, towards the end of 2023 and into 2024, I think the fashion trend will lean more towards relaxed looks. Oversized bags are the hottest fashion item this year. Additionally, accessories are must-haves too-like stockings and earrings. The key is simple accessories that are on point," Ayla said.

Last but not least, Ayla predicts next year's enduring fashion trends will still be city look. It cannot be denied that fashion changes rapidly, but the city look is expected to still be prominent from the beginning of 2024 until the Spring/Summer 2025 collection release.

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