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Where To Shop: Basics

Senin, 05 Sep 2022 20:00 WIB
Where To Shop: Basics
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Little did I know, wardrobe basics play a huge role in making up hundreds of different outfit combinations. It is a foundational piece of clothing that is versatile at core because it helps you build multiple outfits. If you remember our article about being confused on what to wear despite having a closet packed full with beautiful clothes, one of the reason for that matter is the lack of wardrobe basics (or too much basics) needed to pull different pieces of clothing together. Hence, wardrobe basics are as essential as having statement pieces in your wardrobe.

Some of the most important features to note about basics are that they usually come in solid colors. So, if you're looking for where to shop some good basic pieces, you're in the right place. Here are some of the local goods you can check out by yourself!



When modern meets simple, Ecinos offers great choices of basics from shirt, work pants, blazer set and dresses that are mostly made of premium cotton, making your every moves comfortable. Most of the products usually are designed in an ideal oversized fit, building the stylish-casual look that is to die for! Not only just basics, but Ecinos pieces are timeless and suit every occasion for your daily activities from going to work, a day out in the cafe or museum hopping around town.



Simplicity is what matters and this brand tries to live up to that. From straight line dresses, to blazers and wide-legged pants, In.kano harbors their heart in earthy tone products with beige, dusty rose, smoked gray, mauve, as their go-to colors in offering their products. If you are looking for some wide variety of earth tone clothing, this is the choice to go.



Into elegant-casual? Fret not-from halter top, loose dress, satin dress, to kimono wrap top, PAFON offers you a great solid basic clothing in unique colors such as pine green, mustard, muted cyan-perfect for you to try on, without leaving the timeless colors such as beige, white, black, blue behind.

Atwell Apparel


Undoubtedly elevating the basic pieces with an off-shoulder wrap top, wrap skirt, blazer with belt, cropped cardigan, and more-you'll look chic as ever! It's the fabric and design play that makes Atwell Apparel special because you don't need to put much effort into creating the perfect day-to-day look.

The thing about basic pieces is that you can undoubtedly wear them as they are. While these pieces might not be the most spectacular without some pattern combination, it could still work! And when you pair them with your favorite prints, patterns, and more detailed clothing, they really complete the whole outfit and bring it to life-making it an essential piece in building different outfits throughout the entire year. How good does that sound?

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