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Bizarre High End Fashion Items

Selasa, 25 Jan 2022 13:00 WIB
Bizarre High End Fashion Items
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Purchasing and having one of the designers' luxury items must have been on your wishlist for quite a long time. If it's not because of the uncountable zeros on the price tag, these extravagant items would just be another item that you see on the street market. Most of the time, people only buy these designers' stuff just because of the logo and the good feeling they get when they possess such a luxurious bag, clothes, hat, or even small things that don't really matter. Some of us even have the willingness to buy ridiculous-looking fashion items that these major brands have to offer. Haven't encountered any of those bizarre high-end fashion items in your life? Here's some of them collected for you.

Balenciaga Extra-Large Shopper Tote
Ever seen or touched an overpriced Balenciaga bag before? Worry not, you must have all gone to IKEA and grabbed the iconic blue IKEA shopping bag in a super big size. You must be wondering, 'What's with the sudden mention of IKEA shopping bags?'. Well, if we put these two in comparison the similarity is uncanny, even the color is not far by a few shades! Some people who have been in the fashion industry for a long time must be taking the perspective of the usefulness of this US$2,125 Balenciaga bag as a high fashion. But is it, really? Or is it just a high-priced knock-off item of IKEA's original shopping bag?

Louis Vuitton 2021 Airplane Bag by Virgil Abloh
If you imagine there's just going to be a design motive of an airplane on the bag, then you're completely wrong on this one. Louis Vuitton 2021 Airplane Bag by Virgil Abloh is a purse, shaped like an actual commercial airplane. When the model was walking down the runway holding this miniature airplane purse, Louis Vuitton managed to raise a few eyebrows in bewilderment with this invention. Still, with the iconic LV's monogram, even the airplane-shaped purse shows the engine nacelles, wings to stabilizers. This mini purse with huge accents around it is priced at US$39,000! Is this bag a big yay or nay, for you?

Moschino Dry Cleaning Bag Dress
Who doesn't love dresses? Everyone loves dresses. Be it long or mini, everyone will definitely look smashing in it. There are plenty of designers or high brands that offer eccentric designs on dresses with crazy or neutral colors. There are just a lot of options when it comes to dresses. Moschino also offers this one with a way more quirky design as the creative director Jeremy Scott invented a Dry Cleaning Bag dress in which the main material is clear plastic along with the 'We Love Our Customers' chant on the upper chest area. This dress which, of course, doesn't let your body breathe well retails for US$700.

Raf Simons Pink Oversized Fantasy Sweater
If we're talking about a comfy oversized sweater to welcome Christmas, Raf Simons might be walking out of the door willingly as he's thinking way too different than we all are. This Giant Pink Sweater made its first appearance by dwarfing an American professional basketball player, Kyle Kuzma's 6′ 10″ frame. Even the sleeves hung down below Kuz's knees as he walked. This was such a hot issue on Twitter that Kuz was put into comparison with an inflatable man outside a car dealership while wearing that $1,625 giant pink sweater by Raf Simons.

There you go, some of the bizarre high-end fashion that major brands have in expectation for us to swipe our credit cards and wear on a daily basis. Have you had one of these in your closet?

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