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Unleash Your Creativity Through Painting

Minggu, 08 May 2022 18:00 WIB
Unleash Your Creativity Through Painting
Foto: Steve Johnson Unsplash
Jakarta -

As boredom strikes, sometimes I find myself picking up things I never thought I would, like gardening, baking, or painting. And for someone who just bought her first painting essentials purely out of her own want and not because of a school project, I found solace in letting my hand move to create every stroke I want. Surely, I had a picture in mind of what scenery or object I wanted to portray through my paintings, but along the way, I improvised a lot.

Later on, I learned how some unexpected strokes can change the direction of where your paintings can go, but it is something that you shouldn't be regretful and scared of. Perhaps, it mostly applies to amateurs like me who just want to do something meaningful during my free time, not to artists who do this for a living. And even though I am not always satisfied with the result, I still enjoy the process nevertheless; the contemplation of what colors to put on next, the itty bitty imperfection I thought I can fix to make my painting look more alive, and so on.

One thing about painting is that it has the power to release your emotions, thoughts, and wildest imagination into a medium. The joyful part about it is the surprise factor of the end result because you would never know what it would look like if you hadn't finished it. And more often than not, it can come out so different with what you had in mind. But that's what makes each painting special; it has its own background story.

All in all, you don't need to be an artist to create art; let your imaginations and your creativity shine through each stroke of your paintbrush. Most importantly, you need to trust the process as you keep going. And if the final result still doesn't satisfy you, think of it as a warm-up to your painting journey. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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