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AM & PM Beauty Routine Debunked

Kamis, 24 Mar 2022 10:00 WIB
AM & PM Beauty Routine Debunked
Jakarta -

It is such a relief that people in this era have gotten the knowledge of the importance of skincare and the steps within. For example, it's common knowledge that you must double cleanse your face before applying a skincare product. However, there's this difference between AM and PM beauty routines as they serve different purposes that not everyone is aware of. Daytime skincare routine aims to protect your skin from makeup and the distress from UVA and UVB, while nighttime routine intends to repair and rejuvenate your skin   which is a very crucial time of the day. If you're one of those who can't distinguish the difference between these two and have been doing your skincare wrong this whole time, here's the breakdown of AM and PM routine steps you need to know.

AM Routine
As we are all well aware, daytime is when we're at our most active. This means that your skincare routine should focus on protecting your complexion from sun and pollution, prepping your skin for makeup, and keeping it hydrated.

1. Cleanser
The first step that you should never miss is cleansing your skin. However, if you clean your skin thoroughly at night already, then you're not recommended to cleanse your skin rigorously in the morning. It's an important step you should never miss since oils, bacteria, and dust can build up on your pillowcases.

For oily and combination skin types, you may want to look out for a gel or foam face wash; as for dry skin, it would be beneficial to use a milk or balm cleanser. Lastly, for the normal skin type, you can choose it based on texture preference. However, if your skin is inclined to be sensitive, then you're highly suggested to look for a gentle cleanser specifically designed for sensitive skin

2. Toner
Apply a toner immediately after cleansing. Toner can help remove any lingering dirt, balance skin's pH after cleansing, give little extra moisture, lessen the appearance of enlarged pores, and prepare your skin for the rest of your skincare routine. The tropical area tends to have unclean water, so double or triple cleanse is a plus.

3. Serum
The serum contains large amounts of active ingredients, and it's also known to have a concentrated formulation that works as a weapon to target specific skin conditions. Therefore, you can see quicker results to overcome certain skin conditions by using a serum.

4. Moisturizer
It's crucial to keep your skin hydrated for the whole day. This final step will lock in the skincare products you have already applied and protect your skin from environmental assaults. You're suggested to use a day moisturizer formulated with SPF to ensure protection from harmful UV rays, or use your daily moisturizer without SPF and finish up with sunscreen afterward. Look at SPF 30 as standard and apply it every day. Now, you're all prepped for makeup!

PM Routine
Done with your daily activities? Nighttime or PM skincare routine awaits you. Nighttime is when your skincare should focus on repairing the skin from the cumulative stress that you've been exposed to during the daytime. As sleep is the time when the body regenerates by itself, your skin is more receptive to the skincare products used.

1. Double cleansing
Always remove makeup or impurities from your face by double cleansing be it with micellar water or cleansing balm before cleansing foam. If you're asking why you should do this? The answer is simple because the first cleanse is to remove any makeup, grease, and dirt from your skin and the second one is to get the ingredients from your cleanser to do their job effectively to clean your skin. By doing this step, you're getting a clean base for your other skincare products to work and penetrate your skin.

2. Exfoliate
Exfoliating is a very needed step you have to accomplish for the PM routine. However, the amount you exfoliate should depend on your skin type. Not only does exfoliation leave your skin smooth, but it also clears any dead skin cells blocking your skincare routine to work effectively.

3. Toner
Besides giving several benefits, such as balancing the pH and preparing your skin for the upcoming skincare routine, toner can also help you to make sure that any residual makeup left on your skin is removed. Soak your cotton pad and gently wipe it across your face in a circular motion.

4. Serum
After cleansing and toning, apply your favorite serum and/or Retinol product. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A and is highly effective in acne treating, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration. However, if you want to nail this step to your skin concerns, you can also look to certain ingredients that help your skin repair and regenerate.

5. Eye Cream
It is known that the skin around the eyes is the most fragile part of our face because it's the thinnest. That's why taking more care of your eye area is highly important. Applying eye cream as part of your PM routine will help you with concerns regarding aging, dark circles, or puffiness.

6. Night Cream
To finish and lock all the skincare applied before, don't forget to use moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated until morning. You can opt for a richer cream that has more nourishing ingredients to replenish all the lost moisture during the day and provide anti-aging if needed.

There you have it, the AM and PM beauty routine daily application. Don't skip any step to obtain a perfect result!

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