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Not Everyone Is Made for You

Kamis, 13 Jan 2022 15:00 WIB
Not Everyone Is Made for You
Jakarta -

Having people we love and adore to stay with us through our ups and downs as long as we need them to is one thing that everyone wishes for, but the saying 'people come and go' is a harsh truth and hard pill to swallow. You might have thought about how good, smart, pretty, and kind you are as a person yet people still choose to find your flaws and turn their backs on you in the end. Even though not all of them are really going separate ways from you, the thought of 'why do they leave me?', 'why don't they like me?' must be lingering in your head again and again.

It is true that we want to impress, we want to be liked, we want to be respected by people around us yet sometimes it backfires on us. Because we put in a lot of attempts to make people feel certain ways about us, the mind orchestrated some expectations about this that only give us disappointment at the end of the day since not everyone is made to like you. It is true that the feeling of being disliked by people brings out the insecurities that make you question your self-worth. This really needs to stop right here, pleasing people doesn't make them like nor stay with you because if you try to put it in your shoe, you don't like everyone either!

There's no further discussion about why people don't like you, they're just simply not made for you. However, if we really have to break this down, then it is basically because we all have differences. There are literally 7.8 billion people in the whole world and they're all different from one another. Trying to impress everyone to make them like you is an impossible task to do. You must have faced a situation where you don't like someone because they fancy something that you don't. You love strawberries, some people don't and it irks you sometimes. Not everyone suits your cup of tea, and it applies to you too. Have you ever wondered that they might think about you in the same exact way too?

Some people will dislike or disagree with you inevitably and that's okay. Because of this, you'll be able to spend more of your time being yourself with people who genuinely care about you and like you for who you are. Don't waste your energy and time on people who don't want to be with you or people who make you turn into someone else but spend more time with people who give you inspiration and encouragement to be a better individual.

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