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How Makeover Can Improve Mental Health, Scientifically Speaking

Kamis, 29 Feb 2024 18:30 WIB
How Makeover Can Improve Mental Health, Scientifically Speaking
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Do you remember how devastating the pandemic era was—when our freedom to spend time outside with our closest ones were limited? The pandemic deliberately forced us to seek entertainment at home with literally anything within our immediate environment. From making a whole new recipe to dyeing our hairs—damaging it in the process. Regardless of the results, doing something by and to ourselves has always been satisfying. Despite the unexpected result—either it's beyond okay or downright disappointing—it's always the joy from the process that becomes a coping mechanism. Somehow, there's a link between doing makeovers to mental health. Let's dive into it.

Taking care of yourself, be it putting on skincare, makeup, nice clothes and dyeing hair can improve your mental health unconsciously. According to The Zoe Report, just like painting or drawing, Jane Polinski, PLMHP, PCMSW, a mental health therapist, says that makeup can be therapeutic because it's a form of art. "Doing something like applying makeup can help the body and mind to slow down and focus intently on something," she says. Additionally, she notes that dopamine can be released when you finish your makeup. "This can help to boost self esteem, positive mood, and overall morale."

It doesn't end here, makeovers—like putting on makeup and dyeing hair—can help release oxytocin, which is a hormone produced in the brain that impacts our mood and emotions. This hormone also makes people feel calm as if they are snuggled up under a blanket in rainy weather.

Aside from that, makeup can help with anxiety and depression. Studies show that ritualistic processes like applying makeup can help people cope with these negative emotions. This is mainly caused by the complete control that you have over the process and the outcome. During the process of a makeover, you can pick the colors you want to adorn yourself with, which products you would use, and count on the results. This helps you in managing emotions.

The process of makeover also encourages you to challenge yourself in creativity. Scientifically speaking, creativity comes handy to improve mental health. According to licensed clinical social worker and therapist, Dr. Courtney Tracy, LCSW, PsyD, creativity provides relief from traumatic responses as how it also works the same with dancing, singing, and other forms of art. Well, makeup itself is indeed an art as you get to draw and mix colors to suit what's best for your face.

When makeup and getting ready have become a daily routine, it helps to gain less anxiety. As we all know, doing makeup has become a habit and daily activity that we are aware of what comes next after a certain product. Dr. Jaime Zuckerman, a psychologist from Philadelphia, stated that humans are creatures of habit that routine is beneficial for them. Zuckerman also stated that our brains are able to predict what comes next, when it's certain, we will have less anxiety and worry.

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