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Why Women Get Judged for Having Casual Sex?

Rabu, 09 Feb 2022 20:00 WIB
Why Women Get Judged for Having Casual Sex?
Jakarta -

We do realize that we don't talk about sex that much in this society, especially in Indonesia. Because it is still considered taboo. Even the fact that two people enjoy sexual activities before marriage is something that is contemplated as something that we shouldn't talk about, whereas we all know that some people do enjoy casual sex as it doesn't require feelings. It is recorded up to 80 percent of college students report engaging in sexual acts outside committed relationships, therefore even without talking about it, casual sex is something that is happening around us.

Even though we know that casual sex is not a norm and it never was, there are just simply individuals who seek sexual satisfaction in a way that doesn't oblige them to take responsibility for one and another's feelings. Casual sex often begins with hookups, be it with strangers or people who share the same needs that they meet at college, bars, or clubs. However, despite the fun and pleasure we get from casual sex, there's this stigma in the society of casual sex when it comes to women.

Different than people's views of men who are judged by their fellow men for not having casual sex as they would be taken as weaklings, women tend to get intimidated by society's view of their sexual behavior outside a committed relationship. This double standard has managed to drift women to have low self-esteem as they are often judged in negative ways for doing what most men around us do.

Women who constantly have casual sex are often stereotyped as badly behaved, filthy and not to mention the slut-shaming culture that we often heard even in a joking manner. Meanwhile, men are considered powerful, pussy-magnet, bold, and so many other adjectives that portray their dominance.

The unfair judgment and sexist comments that women receive from society for having casual sex should really be stopped as both genders seek pleasure from one another equally. Without encouraging the culture of casual sex-as it is strongly contraband with religious beliefs and most cultural norms-if society (especially men) in this new generation takes sex behavior as something common to have, then women should be given the same views like how men are.

At the end of the day, gender equality, be it about sex or any other thing is still something that women should fight for. Women never ask to be judged as individuals who are appraised for what they do, say, and think, women just want the equality of what society normalizes for men to be normalized for women too.

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