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They Don't Talk About: Daddy Issues

Kamis, 03 Feb 2022 12:00 WIB
They Don't Talk About: Daddy Issues
Jakarta -

Befriending social media like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and many more on daily basis has managed to give us knowledge about terms that we used to never encounter before. One of the terms that we usually see or hear on social media is 'Daddy Issues'. Users (mostly women) often associate their interest in male celebrities like Chris Evans, Tom Hardy, Sebastian Stan, Tom Hiddleston, and many more with a 'Daddy Issues' condition. Some part of this society has taken the term 'Daddy Issues' to misconceptions for it is only a condition for women who casually have sexual interest for older men, whereas it's not only limited to that. So, what is 'Daddy Issues' in real explanation?

'Daddy issues' are psychological effects from individuals who have an unharmonious relationship with their father or the absence of a father figure in their life. Even though this psychological condition can be experienced by anyone, 'Daddy Issues' is often gendered for it is only popular among women. It is also said that one of theĀ indications of someone who has 'Daddy Issues' is indeed a sexual interest for older men when it comes to women. Even though there is no exact clue of where the non-clinical term is originated from, this condition has always been recognized as a common attachment issue that has to do with father-type figures. There are several reasons why people do experience this psychological condition.

As it has already been mentioned before, one of the contributing reasons is the inharmonious relationship with the father, this could include abuse, which could have led to mental, emotional, or sexual abuse. The other underlying reason that may play a role in the existence of this condition is the absence of a father figure in one's life as it could leave substantial wounds. These contributing factors of why one experiencing such a condition is different for each individual yet these two are the most common factors of 'Daddy Issues'.

With the explained reasons of factors why one could suffer from this psychological state, there are several indications on what 'Daddy Issues' look like in a person. It is known that one's attempt to heal or fill that void is by seeking attention and validation from older men that could fill the father's love, be it from partner or male friends. Not only limited to that, someone who has 'Daddy Issues' may also be very easy to get jealous and over-territorial of their closed ones (especially men that are close to a father figure). This is a sign of fear of abandonment that once had been experienced.

After knowing what exactly 'Daddy Issues' is, the contributing factors and indications of this psychological condition, we have to keep in mind that we will never be able to change our past. The only thing that we can do is befriend or make peace with ourselves and whatever happened to us in the past-learning from it or seeking help if needed. By learning from what happened in the past, it could help us to heal our wounded hearts and discover new ways to have a better relationship with our partner in the future.

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